Robotics For Children

Robots! We have read so much about them; in sci-fi, movies, fictions and even have seen them in reality. Whatever the way is, robots fascinate us in different ways. The ‘maker movement’ or do-it-yourself is becoming more and more popular throughout the world.

There’s hardly anyone who never have wondered about robots and their mechanism. Among children, the inquisitiveness is by nature much greater than adults. They are found to show more creativity and intelligence when they are left on their own to build something. The LEGO sets work effectively to kindle the creative minds of kids. Nowadays, robotics is gaining popularity to make a child aware of the ways a robot functions; the conception, design, manufacture and operation.


How Robotics Can Help A Child In The Field Of Education?

Robotics can be introduced to a child even as early as at age 3 or 4. There are different sets which can be bought both online and offline. While being a source of simple fun and play, robotics also helps to develop teamwork, problem-solving capability and STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics) among children. The attributes develop so naturally with robotics that a child doesn’t feel the pressure of learning at all. There are different programs for every grade so one can excel steadily. The skills and qualities acquired from robotics eventually help the child to perform better in studies as a whole.

The happiness of making something that can move on its own is enormous. Once the children learn how simple machines work, they feel enthralled and more interested towards it. LEGO sets are no more a static toy. LEGO kits now include motors and gears so that the children can make moving pieces.

Robotics classes are becoming popular worldwide with both the children and their parents taking an interest in them. It’s the first step for the kids to the complex world of electronics. With time, they come up with more interesting ideas improving their skills, inventing their own robotics and small electronics models. The literary side is also there, as one needs to research and record their creations.


Online Helps On Robotics

Many schools and organizations now conduct camps and workshops both for kids and adults. Besides that, there are online helps as well. and are great platforms, to begin with. Kids can learn and make models with the help of tutorials. They can choose projects by type and complexity level. QtPi Robotics is another great platform for beginners, their motto being Plug. Play. Innovate.

World Robotics Olympiad (WRO)

The India STEM Foundation, the National Council of Science Museums (NCSM) and the Ministry of Culture jointly organize World Robotics Olympiad every year since 2006. Anyone can participate in the age-group of 6-25. It is a highly renowned event with over 22,000 participants from 51+ countries. The WRO 2017 is just around the corner. It is a not-for-profit competition. To know more about WRO, please click here.

Picture Credits: and QtPi Robotics


37 responses to “Robotics For Children

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  3. Thank you Mani for this, Life has come along way from Meccano sets :-).. One really wonders where it is all going to end.. .. But so many things now to help teach youngsters in education.. Lovely to read the information here Mani.. 🙂

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  4. Introducing Robotics to children looks like an interesting concept. It is sure to keep them engaged and may help in increasing the STEM capabilities as you have pointed out. For Lego, this seems to be a very logical way forward to introduce more interesting concepts for children. Nice to know that with spellings and Maths Olympiad now there is a Robotics Olympiad as well.

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  5. Robotics are indeed fascinating but their creative aspect and how children handle them is yet to see. They have not been introduced here in US schools at such a young age as you mention. Thanks for this food for thought and more reading!

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  6. Robot can be so cool and love that you brought up LEGO. It definitely is a kind of robot – you build it and it can be anything 😊 I had quite a bit of LEGO to play with as a kid and was very good at keeping all the pieces together 😂 Anyone can do science of they want and find an interest in it. Robotics workshops have been more and more popular here in Australis universities over last few years 😊

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    • I too love LEGO sets. I played with them with my son a number of times 😀 They are really interesting. Yes, you are right, Mabel. Robotics is gaining popularity fast among children of every age…. 🙂 Glad to know Australian universities are arranging workshops on robotics… 🙂

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  7. Wow robotics have advanced so much and it seems that every well not every some aspects of robotics have infiltrated our world. I watched a documentary that in the future robots will be thinking for themselves and overtake mankind. Whether this is true or not I have no idea.

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  8. It’s really good for the children who have interest in this but unfortunately many schools have made this course as a source of income.They charge a lot and don’t even tell the basics. Only few good schools and colleges have this course.

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    • You are right. Many schools have made it a business. That’s why, I think, it’s better to follow online sites where they try to make things simpler with step-by-step videos, photos and instructions. There are also workshops organized in different localities.
      Thanks a lot for sharing your views here, Aroraji…. 🙂

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