Focusing In and Out

It was difficult to focus as the raindrops were pouring down making me ecstatic. The susurration of the wind as it was caressing every leaf and petal, the soft, supple ethereal drops- the rain was there after a long, long time. The pluviophile in me was quenching its thirst of eyes and the mind, savouring the rain….the dreamy, much-awaited rain.


P.S. I’m facing some problem with my WiFi router and so, is lagging long behind in visiting the wonderful blogs I follow. Hopefully, the problem will be over soonΒ  😦


43 responses to “Focusing In and Out

  1. When I see those pics I feel like I could just jump into the rain through my screen, very expressive πŸ™‚


  2. I loved your wonderful muse with the rain Mani.. Rain holds its own wonderful vibration within the rhythm of its fall.. And your captures of it falling are magical also.. πŸ™‚
    Lovely to be catching up again also Mani.. Summer captured me in her grip away from WP for a time too πŸ™‚ xxx

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      • I thank you so much for that.. I am trying to work upon an update on my garden blog.. But so many interesting posts I am trying to catch up on inbetween LOL.. Which happens when we leave WP for a while.. xxx Love and Hugs my friend xx


  3. Lovely Maniparna. The tenderness in the pictures has got translated in your words and vice versa..Both together are so evocative that they recreate the feel of getting drenched in the first rain of the season. πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend.

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  5. The monsoon rains in India, thank heavens for hitherto ample signs of season’s copious rains, enliven experiences of rustling leaves and petrichor in the air, together with memories of bygone rainy days. It awakens the pluviophile in us holding out promises of new life through freshly sprouting greens in surrounding flora. The monsoon vocabulary and visuals appear to be dancing out of your words and pics like zestful school children splashing out in the rains…πŸ‘πŸ‘


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  7. Beautifully captured emotions in your as always nicely weaving of thoughts through aptly chosen words…and indeed with the kind of summer we had, the desperation for rain was all around and with the first rain it does make us feel ecstatic. It is just the beginning and we will all enjoy the season as its progress through the months. Solace to the perched nature and solace to the human soul looking for that much needed break from the scorching hands of sun.

    “pluviophile” this is a lovely word…lover of rain and someone who mind peace and joy during rainy days, a new addition to me…the beautifully captured raindrops on the green leaf is so tempting to just go out and hug the nature at its best…it’s time to nurture our thirsty souls.

    Thanks Mani, for rekindling of the fluttering emotions and feelings that comes naturally during such flourishing season of rain and more rain…


  8. Beautiful images – rain looks so refreshing and hope it was that way. It sounds like it has been hot over there so hope you are keeping cool. It’s winter over here…could use some warmth here 😊

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  9. “Ecstatic” is a word that is overused, but here it fits perfectly. You describe the elation of a long-awaited rain in an almost romantic way. Beautifully written.

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