Haiku: Morning

1-new1 147
first rays of morning

wind and sun on the neem leaves
playing hide n’ seek


60 responses to “Haiku: Morning

  1. As there was no camera in those days, haiku was used to capture the moment. I can say with full confidence that no camera can capture this moment better than your words. Kudos, Maniparna. (y)


  2. How lovely that the wind and sun play hide n’ seek! It must be harder for the wind to hide as he’s never still. I see the sun disappear behind clouds at times — now I know why she does that! Charming haiku, Mani. xo

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  3. The morning rays, the sunshine and the neem tree, the medicinal values; such a wonderful combination…both are a source of immense energy and health for us.

    Somehow we all are playing hide and seek with nature and avoiding to accept the damage we have been doing and escaping from life’s entanglement but not going back to the nature for solace. We have all distanced ourselves from the basket of nature and ceased to nurture our distressed soul. The deprived souls and mind subjected to so much of stress in our daily life…it needs the break and it is the nourishment, and it can only come from Mother Nature.

    Very apt Haiku and it resonates so well with the kind of life we are living, how we should not be living a sedentary lifestyle and what we need to learn from the art of living…

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