Review: Mama Earth, the Mama Range of Products

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The adage goes as “a healthy mind resides in a healthy body”. Similarly, a happy and healthy mother makes a happy, healthy family because she is the strongest foundation of a family. But often, we, the mothers, juggling between personal and professional tasks, fail to look after ourselves. Motherhood demands a lot of time and energy and, it becomes a luxury for a mother to spend time exclusively for her own well-being.
When Ghazal from Mamaearth contacted me for reviewing their Mama range of products, the first thing that came to my mind, was, when I’m going to use the products? Then, she assured me that these would not take much time and, I would feel relaxed and better after using them. Earlier, I used and reviewed their baby range, so, there was no doubt about the product quality and, I quickly acceded to her proposal.


The products reached in an attractive, exclusive Mamaearth bag a couple of weeks ago. The design, colour and creativity of the  Mamaearth bag are worth mentioning. They take care not only of the products but also the packaging. The contents of the bag included three products; Nourishing Body Lotion, Calming Body Wash and C3 Face Mask.

As you already know, Mamaearth is the only MadeSafe* certified brand in Asia and, all their products are passed through stringent tests maintaining the international safety standard. Their products are dermatologically tested based on European Union Standards, completely free of behavioural, dermatological and environmental toxins and are compliant to Non-GMO.

My Experience

I’m using the Mamaearth Mama Range for the past two weeks. I’ve used other brands demanding to be completely organic and, I never doubted their authenticity before using Mamaearth.  The reasons:


1. Mamaearth products have a smell that is completely natural and earthy, unlike others. There is no added artificial smell.
2. The Body Wash washes off easily leaving a fresh, clean effect.
3. The Body Lotion provides natural nourishment that you can realize after using it for only a few days.
4. The C3 mask; this is the best of the lot. No itching or a mild burning sensation while using it (as happens with many other brands. That is even printed on them) and makes the face clean and clear. As for the pigmentation, which it claims to remove, it will take more time with regular usage to vouch for that. But, it is definitely a great product and, I hope it’ll stand by its words.


Nourishing Body Lotion & Calming Body Wash

Contains natural ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter, cocoa butter and geranium essential oil.

Comes in 200ml: Price INR 350/-  USD 5.5

C3 Face Mask

Contains charcoal, coffee and clay. Loaded with minerals like magnesium, calcium and potassium.

Comes in 100ml: Price INR 599/- USD 9.2

Mamaearth products are now available on the Amazon store. I wholeheartedly recommend those for all lovely mamas out there because it’s time to show some love to yourself #mamaloveyourself.


17 responses to “Review: Mama Earth, the Mama Range of Products

  1. Then i have to wait a long to use this product as i am not mama now…:))) you have such a great grip in every field…there are lots of things to learn from you.

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  2. Well said Mani…’if mama ain’t happy, nobody is!’ Whosoever thought about the product name has played well with emotions connected with women and moms! Well-presented review. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Thanks for sharing the review of organic brand MamaEarth. I like the name and from what you have written in the context of natural smell, earthy feel and no itching sensation, to me it appears similar to Body Shop products. Would like to find out sometime how the two brands compare.

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