They roll down, involuntarily
A moment’s pause, deep within
Salty taste of nostalgia
Glistened drops on dry cheek
Heart bleeds tears. 
A shame? Never it is.
Reshuffling of thoughts
Or pain unknown, 
Agony Unbearable,
Let them rise and flow
Setting you free.

56 responses to “Tears

  1. You rightly said, Maniparna, there’s no shame in showing tears. In fact, it liberates the soul. Most of the emotional problems of men will vanish if they are not shamed for shedding tears.


  2. Love how you wrote this poem, Mani. That last line is also a wonderful way to wrap up the poem. There is no shame in crying – it is an expression of how we feel, and also an way to express ourselves. Tough times only make us realise how stronger we are, and when we let ourselves feel the pain, that’s when we can stand up and move on once again 🙂

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  3. Exactly. Some people believe in holding them in, keeping them captive. While others just let them flow, setting them free…..

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  4. Very nice one,
    “free” it makes for the time being….sometime it continues to flow repeatedly for the same pain…i think so.
    “Heart bleeds tears”…loved this a lot.
    It does not reflect the weakness of someone but sometime it reflects the stupidity of that person when it flows for same reason repeatedly…not sure, its from my confused thoughts.

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