An Unforgettable Hotel Experience

My husband has to travel a lot for business purposes. The cities he frequents include the Pink City of Jaipur along with Vizag and Nagpur. It’s an irony that though, he has been to these places a number of times (of course, for short and hectic business tours), I have been to Jaipur and Vizag only once and, never have visited Nagpur.

I’ve a particular interest with Jaipur for its rich historical and archaeological resources. Not only that, the city boasts of producing exquisite handicrafts, jewellery, fabrics, carpets and marbles. Anybody who loves vibrant colours and intricate designs with great finesse will be in an empyrean bliss while in Jaipur. During my one and only visit to Jaipur, many years ago with my friends, we stayed at one of my friends, Meera’s house. That trip happened when I was in college and, I’m still in love with the tradition, culture, food and festival of Jaipur. The city has changed a lot since then naturally, but the old world charm soaked in history is still very much there.

Being the capital city of the state of Rajasthan, Jaipur is now quite a populous city with a plethora of factories, industries, hotels, and restaurants. People from different parts of India and abroad keep on visiting the city, not only for the sole purpose of enjoying a trip but also for business intentions like my husband. Though there are numerous hotels in Jaipur, but he prefers to accept the hospitality of a particular one since the last two years. This affinity for that hotel happened to grow after an incident he experienced there during one of his visits.

Some two years ago, Mr R, my husband, was on his usual trip to Jaipur. At that time, he didn’t have any predilection for hotels and, any reputed one could have served his purpose. That time, however, he chose Four Points by Sheraton as it was closest to his meeting venue with the clients.

The meeting was scheduled on the day after his arrival and, according to him, was very crucial. In his own words, he was feeling quite tensed, couldn’t sleep well at night, woke up as the first rays of sun seeped into the room through the heavy curtains, had a quick breakfast and started for the meeting. It was just half an hour prior to the meeting when he was checking all the documents for the one last time, to his utter horror, he discovered that he had left the bag containing some papers and quite an amount of money in his hotel room!

Frantically, he rushed back to the hotel and to his room, but there was no trace of the bag there. He had no idea where it could be and, for a moment, he lost all the hope of getting it back intact with its belongings as the bag was without lock and key. However, he went downstairs and enquired at the reception desk about it. With a warm smile, a lady there told him that one of the hotel staffs had found a bag on a table in the reception area. After verifying the things inside the bag and rivalling those with my husband’s statement they handed him the bag. It happened that way, when he was waiting at the reception for the car to arrive, he kept the bag on the table and in all his hurriedness and tension, forgot all about it!


However, Mr R was absolutely delighted by the gesture and alacrity exhibited by the hotel staff. There would have been no proof even if the bag was not handed over to him at all for he had no idea where he left it. No doubt, Four Points, the brand-name for Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc, has recently crossed the 200th hotel milestone having its branches all around the world with such kind of service to its guests. Anyway, on that eventful day, Mr R’s meeting was successful even after the initial delay. So, it became kind of lucky charm for him then on. However, he has not learnt a bit from all these incidents to become careful and, keeps on losing things (some of them are quite important) every now and often.

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  1. जयपुर तो खूबसूरत शहर है ही लेकिन आपकी इस कहानी से अनुभव होता है कि वहां के लोग भी खूबसूरत और ईमानदार हैं !! हर कोई चोर नहीं होता !!

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  2. The Head Office of my previous employer was in Jaipur. I have lived in Jaipur for approximately five years or so, have seen it rise form a laid back town into a quasi-metropolis. I am sure it can give many a highly-rated cities a run for the money.

    I have stayed in Four Points twice. The only disadvantage it has its visibilty, tucked as it is by the side of a flyover and behind Big Bazar. Last time I stayed there I was promoted to senior grade, so I have happy memories. The staff is truly courteous and bright.

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    • Truly, Jaipur has changed a lot. I visited the city in my college days. We stayed at one of my friends’ house and savoured some authentic Rajasthani food.

      My husband is also of the same opinion regarding Four Points.
      Thanks a lot, Umaji, for stopping by and reading… 🙂

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  3. So enjoyed reading this Mani.. and delighted to know that honest staff kept his bag safe… And that your husbands experience had a happy ending.. Even though he may still be a little forgetful. ( who isn’t ) lol.. But also its now a lucky ‘charm’ almost to stay there..
    It gets 5 stars from me.. lol.. 🙂

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      • I do not mind at all.. I know we are busy BEings on our different sides of the world Mani. and I just love our interactions when ever we both land upon each others Blogs.. And that is how is should be.. No pressure.. Just shear pleasure in each others company when we share our posts and smiles..
        Love and huge gratitude for your recent visit to Dreamwalker’s.. So loved having you over.. ❤ Mega Hugs my friend xxx


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  5. Completely love that you shared this for Forgiving Fridays!!! I’m glad I saw this post again, such a good reminder of the true service of our hearts!!!!! Thank you Maniparna. I am so touched & will share this with my next Forgiving Fridays post.
    Blessings to you, Debbie

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  6. This is the reason….the existence of really honest and good human beings we still have faith that good people still exists.
    Charidike eto negative ghotonar modhye e rokom dui ekta ghotona sunle aaschoryo laage r bhalo o laage.
    Here i must mention…First time when i asked help from you and you did not ignore me…it really made me happy coz it regained my faith that good human beings still exists.


  7. I’m in awe of the colors and vibrancy of Jaipur! So glad the hotel was careful about your husband’s documents. I’m all for the frill and fancy but it is these gestures that truly what make the hotel what it is:)
    Great article Maniparna:-)

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  8. Always wonderful when things seem awry to find them all back in order again! 🙂
    So happy you mentioned a positive experience, Maniparna. Always nice to know there are honest people and good workers! ❤

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  9. We still have many honest people around. It’s great that your husband found important stuff thanks to the hotel staff.
    Happy to know that you love Jaipur. Time to tag along with your husband on his next business trip to Jaipur?

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  10. It’s the honesty that makes people trust a brand and glad that your husband found its bag. That’s why you writing about Four Points Sheraton and I am sure many will trust it. For me, it’s Trident/Oberoi Hotel in Gurgaon and though sponsored, I love their amazing staff who redefined and gave a new meaning to hospitality

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  11. What a blessing of kindness, Maniparna! Thank you for sharing. You are welcome to contribute this post – or another post if you want to – to Forgiving Fridays!!! It’s a weekly post that I do to invite my readers to share forgiveness & what inspires them to forgive and look for the good.

    All you need to do is include a pingback to my post in your post & #ForgivingFridays. Here’s my most recent one if helpful:

    So many blessings to you! ❤

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  12. It is not everyday you get that type of honesty. I could’ve easily went the other way. Spirits were on his side that day. It always pleases me when I lose faith in humanity to hear stories like this. Stay well.

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  13. I appreciate a hotel with honest staff. Glad that your husband’s bag safe and sound! Thank you for sharing your husband’s travel experience, happy to know Starwood Hotels has such standard 🙂


  14. Yet another example of a hotel building up its profile, not only relying only on best services, which most other establishments do, but on the integrity of staffers as well. Ultimately, it is not marquee label of ‘Four Seasons’ and ‘Sheraton’ that counts but strongly committed human resource.


  15. It is so lovely to hear that your husband’s meeting went off without a hitch. The hotel staff were so honest with good intentions. So positive and I won’t be surprised if your husband goes back to have a stay 🙂 It is every traveller’s nightmare to lose something. Being on the road, you tend to have little time on your hands and anything that goes wrong often will matter quite a bit in some way. More hotel staff should be generous and humble like that 🙂


  16. Indeed good hotels have this reputation. Once I left my gold chain in room and checked out. I had travelled few km to airport that I got a call informing about my chain. Staff could have easily taken it away.

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  17. Good to read about such honest gestures…last year I had gone for a conference in Delhi and stayed in four points sheraton…absolutely loved the property and hospitality of the staff..

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