Book Review: Thicker Than Water by Lexie Conyngham

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I picked up the book Thicker Than Water by Lexie Conyngham ( received an e-copy from b00k r3vi3ws in exchange for an honest review) because I found the blurb intriguing enough as a thriller. As a die-hard fan of thriller/mystery genre, I expected the book to be of great attraction to me. After receiving the copy, I realised it is the 10th of the series Murray of Letho by the author. Since I haven’t laid my hands to any book of the said series, I primarily found the reading a tad difficult to connect. But, I kept my patience and somehow succeeded, after a few chapters, to see things clearly.

Blurb:  When young Walter finds a dead body along with the dead fish in his tutor’s fishpond, he knows he should tell his old master, Charles Murray of Letho. The dead man leaves a pretty wife and child and a broken string quartet, but someone must have profited by his death – could it be the avenger from his past as his widow fears, or is it someone from closer at hand? St. Andrews is once again the setting for a murder mystery and a puzzle that Murray must solve before the murderer strikes again.

Review:  With an early nineteenth-century setting, the story starts with Gordon the artist busy with his painting.  The simplicity of the situation soon turns into a web of suspense, shock, murder, mystery, realisation and revelation. Though the author has tried to knit the plot, I found it to be flaccid at places. There are situations and incidents and details which could be easily slighted making the plot tighter. But, there are cliffhangers at the end of chapters which help the reader to hold the interest.
The language, honestly, appeared stilted initially. It’s only after going through the first few chapters, it cut ice with me.

Overall, it was not a disappointing read.
Though it belongs to a series, it can be read as a standalone novel.
It can be well regarded just not as a thriller, but a historical mystery. Those who are fond of it, I hope will like it a lot.

From my side, it’s 3/5 

About The Author:
Lexie Conyngham has written multiple series in historical crime.  Murray of Letho and Hippolyta Napier are two of her series. Thicker than Water is tenth in the series ‘Murray of Letho’ series. The author can be found on her personal website Lexie Conyngham and on Goodreads.


31 responses to “Book Review: Thicker Than Water by Lexie Conyngham

  1. I have heard good reviews of this !! 🙂 Hopefully will pick up soon.
    I was unable to comment on your latest poem from my app – I loved it! Will comment from my laptop soon 🙂

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  2. Any book that is written in series is bound to disappoint a little but if you found it worth 3.5, without reading all of them, it sounds good! Thanks for an honest review Mani, I appreciate it. 🙂

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  3. I have not heard of the Author .. but thank you for sharing your review of this book Mani.. Thrillers are not my ‘cup of tea’ now a days.. 🙂 In fact I am struggling to find time to read at the moment.. My daughter got me a book for my birthday, and I have hardly picked it up.. Maybe when the garden is all planted I will have more time.. Lots of Love..
    Sue xxx 🙂

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  4. I always look forward to Lexie Conyngham’s Murray of Letho books. As one conversant with the places she writes about, I appreciate the detail. But even more I love the way the novels have progressed since her first, her writing improving as the tales have gone on, until now the layers are interwoven with amazing skill

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  5. Hi Maniparna
    Thanks for sharing a wonderful review of this book! A historical mystery sounds good. The fact that it involves the past makes it a tad more interesting no?Also, glad that it can be read as a stand alone novel.

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