Vernal Bliss

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Devoid of conflicts
They spread the light
Mingled in fragrances
Neither they have conflict
Nor have expectations
They bloom for the 
Sake of happiness.
Mother Nature smiles
With each flower
Blooming and breathing.

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107 responses to “Vernal Bliss

  1. Mingled in fragrances
    Neither they have conflict
    Nor have expectations
    They bloom for the
    Sake of happiness.
    I want to say lot of words here but unable to express .This is only the nature which does not want from us and always gives us , but It is our duty to take care of it for our own happiness and life .

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  2. Maniparnaa! I wonder if you remember little old twopaisepoems here.. anyway.. loved your poem and I’ve been seeing these particular flowers in bloom everywhere here. What are they called? They remind me of jasmine.. I know the name in Malayalam, but not in English.
    Its good to see your writing again!

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    • Of course, I do remember you! The last time we had a conversation, as far as I can remember, was that you’re not very well. That was a long time really! Hope you’re doing well and all hale and hearty… 🙂

      These flowers are called Crepe Jasmine, they bloom in abundance here. In Bengali, we call it Tawgore (टोगर)

      I’m really glad to see you here after a long, long time… 🙂

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  3. That was so beautiful Mani… these look like a Jasmine flower.. There fragrance is beautiful and I have such a shrub in my home garden.. I had to protect it from the frosts.. But when it flowers its scent is beautiful

    So loved your poem Mani.. Mother Nature continually smiles upon us.. xxx

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      • I did attempt to learn it. There are linguistic connections between Sanskrit and Irish, which is of Indo-European origin. Unfortunately, I am a poor student when self-taught. 🙂

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    • I’ve learnt in my linguistic classes about the connection Sanskrit shares with Latin, Greek and German. There are many words that show striking similarities in these languages. For example, ‘father’ is ‘pitar’ in Sanskrit and ‘pater’ in Latin/Greek. It was really interesting to find out how the languages are inter-connected. Sanskrit is a rich language with every word conveying a precise meaning followed by a strict grammatical nuance. I wish I were better in Sanskrit to read the old texts in their original form.
      I’ll do my research with Irish connection with Sanskrit. Thanks for enlightening me…

      I believe you are an extremely ‘rich’ person when it comes to knowledge and books… 🙂

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