Birds We See Around: Spotted Doves (Spilopelia chinensis)

Those who follow my blog might remember my series, Birds We See Around, which I started to showcase birds that come to my garden both regularly and seasonally.  The idea of starting the series sprang up with the arrival of a migratory bird, black redstart, in my garden last winter. It was a tiny, beautiful creature and perhaps has migrated northwards as we are about to experience summer in this part of the world. I hope it will come back again in winter.

As spring is in full bloom, a number of birds are visiting us every morning and afternoon. Of them, the most regular ones are Spotted Doves. The spotted doves look somewhat like a pigeon with a comparatively longer tail and rich, dappled plumage. They have a white-spotted black patch on the upper side of the neck that makes them look distinctly different from Mourning Doves. The tail is white-tipped which is only visible when they are flying. They take the fly from the ground with a great flutter and rapid wing-beats that often startles other small birds like sparrows and common tailorbirds. However, I love to watch them taking a flight or gliding down to a perch.


They come in a group; about five to six and it seems they share a great camaraderie. They feed on grass seeds, grains and pieces of fruits and never interfere in other’s affairs. They are quite decorous in nature, I must admit.

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Spotted doves are mostly found in the Indian sub-continent, China and Hawaii. They live both in urban and rural areas and, the nesting occurs mostly in pairs. The male expresses its amorous feelings with a typical cooing sound. Normally, they make a soft cooing sound as krooo-krooo-koo with the repetition of koo at the end. It’s mellifluous and quite soothing to the ears.

If you’re interested, you can listen to the call here.

1-new1 075

It’s a pleasure framing these birds as they are great poseurs and, a little patience yields highly satisfying results. I especially love their eyes, bright and beautiful like glistening beads.

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The spotted doves, though are common to find, often are hunted down by humans as well as preying birds. If this continues, soon this bird will also register its name in the list of endangered species.

84 responses to “Birds We See Around: Spotted Doves (Spilopelia chinensis)

  1. We have a dove family that have built a nest in between a plastic shade and a creeper. Two little chicks we see them being fed every now and then. These bird parents are very protective and do not shy away from chasing pigeons and crows.

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  2. Spotted doves.. new one for me.. my mom complains like it’s full of birds everywhere near my home. Complaining cheerful only. But here in city, rarely we have a chance to watch that group of birds other than doves..

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  3. Mani these are such pretty birds.. Love their spots.. they are similar to our collared doves and their calls are similar too..
    We get mostly their cousins which are the pigeons especially the Wood Pigeon in our garden and allotments..
    We have to cover up young plants of cabbage and kale ect as they love new green shoots and can go along a row in no time and destroy months of growing in a matter of minutes.. the wood pigeon can be found here. And to the right under its picture is also a clip where you can here its call.. I will add that link in my next comment as two many links can often send me to spam.. LOL..
    Loved seeing what kind of birds land in your garden Mani..
    Hugs and Much Love
    Sue ❤

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  4. Amazing close ups of the birds, Man I’m didn’t know there were quite a few of them in India. What lovely spots the doves have and it sounds like they love elegantly too. Jeep chasing birds, Mani 😊

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  5. It’s a beautiful bird …I’ve never seen one before I pray they stay off the endangered list it would be tragic to lose them. A great writing on them well done ….great pictures also 😊

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  6. Loved reading about the spotted dove and the pics. It is such a beautiful bird and its bright plumage immediately catches the eye. I remember having seen once or twice in our housing society too but that was a long time back. You are lucky to have them in your garden.

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  7. Beautiful photographs and what a colorful dove. Our doves here are ring necked doves. The have a black ring half of one going around a sable colored plumage. I do like the noise they make but 5 in the morning comes quickly lol

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