Green is the Colour

Green; it not only signifies one of the basic and fundamental colours but also the symbolizes life on this planet.

Besides that, someone may have a green thumb, can get a green signal or can go green with envy. That day, my neigbour felt a bit green around her gills and I had to call her doctor. He arrived after 30 minutes and was happy seeing such a green belt in our locality. “Truly, the grass in always greener on the other side”, he said jokingly as he was checking the lady, my neighbour.

So, the colour green has a lot of significance, isn’t it?

But, to me, it’s always the colour that soothes me, heals me and makes me happy. It’s the favourite colour of Mother Nature.

Let’s listen to this song, one of my favourites from Pink Floyd  🙂

How do you associate with the colour, green?

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82 responses to “Green is the Colour

  1. Like you, for me too, green is the refreshing, soothing colour of nature. I associate green with open lawns and parks that are a must have in midst of the concrete jungle. Blue and green is my favourite combination as well.

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  2. Awesome post – I love Pink Floyd 🙂 and this song in particular. Green for me is a symbol of nature and therefore a calming thing. Thanks for the awesome pics and relaxing music…. just what I needed this afternoon thanks Mani 🙂 🙂

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  3. Lovely lovely post with some clever use of idioms Maniparna! I’m a fan of your writing and articles!:-)
    Green never appealed to me until I stumbled across a rich leaf green silk saree! Haha:) That said, I love a nice burgeon of green in the house, even if it is a tiny Tulsi plant:)

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  4. Beautiful post dear Mani.. Green is the colour of Mother Earth along with the Blue of her skies and oceans.. Green is our Earth Mother’s new shoots, green forests.. Green is for Growth.. Renewal and Energy.. Your photos injected that green energy too..

    Just beautiful Mani.. So loved your Green thumb, and other references.. 🙂 I will be getting ready with my own green thumb any time soon as my new shoots are sprouting and will be ready for planting soon in the allotments..
    Love and Hugs my friend.. Enjoy your weekend ❤

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  5. Very beautiful pictures Mani! ❤ I am not a green fan. Though the woods across my bedroom window is one hell of a magical place I admit and the green there is enchanting! So I get what you mean to say 🙂

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  6. It is so interesting that you bring up the colour green, Mani. Green is the colour of my star sign, Taurus. Lately I have been seeing a lot of the colour green in my life – like mt 2017 green diary, my blue-green bedsheet, my green colour shampoo bottles, green colour outfits like my sleeping shirt, green colour sugar cane drink can… Maybe it is a sign that I am in touch with what’s within me, lol.

    Agree that green can be a sign of envy. Envy is a dangerous thing. But if we can learn to control it, we will become stronger at controlling our actions and be a better person for it 🙂

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  7. Good topic to write and nice attempt but I believe you could add few more points such as Green is a Islamic color and for some pro-Hindus it pinches their eyes. Green color reminds me of Green revolution, our planet definitely needs lot of green grasslands around us.

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  9. Green, more than a colour, is life itself. I feel glorious when the sky is a cooler blue and trees are a deeper green. Together, they usher in happiness in several layers and shades. As appropriately stated by Martin Luther,”For in the true nature of things, if we rightly consider, every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of gold and silver”.

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  10. ‘green girl’…Shakespearean expression in one of his plays was very fascinating to us during those days of learning new words!
    Green is indeed the most soothing color, the color of Mother Nature, the most loved entity around the globe!

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  11. This is beautiful, thanks. ❤ Funny, I just did a post about being in nature (at a peace ranch!) this weekend. Green is so healing. Great post. Blessings your way for a gorgeous rest of your day and weekend too. ~Debbie

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