My Take on the International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day. There are many people out there voicing a diatribe against celebrating this particular day. Well, we all know this 8th day of March is no way different from any other day in the Gregorian calendar. Millions of female folk worldwide have neither heard nor have seen a day dedicated to their well-being. In many countries, the birth of a female child is looked upon as a curse. Even on this very day, a thousand girl would be raped and then brutally murdered, a hundred case of female foeticide would go unregistered, a billion girl would be forced to have sex without their consent. So, what’s the difference?


The difference, my dear ladies, could be YOU. This Women’s Day, let’s change our attitude towards each other. Let’s take a pledge that we shouldn’t point the finger at our next-door-neighbour who returns from her office at 10.oo pm, we would restrain ourselves to pass lewd remarks to that beautiful secretary in the office who serves her boss in the most normal way and has gotten a hike as a reward for her hard work. We would never question the femininity and fertility of that friend who is still to be a mother even after 10 years of her marriage. We should never put that single mother in a situation that could make her repent for her decision. We would never put a label on anyone.
We would not be afraid to say ‘no’ when we don’t want to have sex. We would neither be ashamed to say ‘yes’ when we want sex. Sex is a part of healthy, normal life.

Feminism doesn’t mean a belligerenceΒ towards our male counterparts. Feminism is the way to achieve the quintessence of womanhood; the concoction of mental and physical strength. We should never try to be ‘like a man’, we would rather be like a ‘human’.

The change lies in our hands, in our mindsets.

Respect each other; fat or thin, busty or petite, black or white. Don’t get camouflaged by the way the societyΒ has taught you to look at women. Every woman (and, every man) is beautiful in her (his) own way.

Last but not the least, don’t be ashamed of your body. This loud, overwhelming world wants us to eat shame, day in and day out. Our strength skulks under this shame.

Let’s first free our own selves from regressive norms and rituals. Shed that disabled mind from your able body. Let’s be the change first and, the rest will be a cakewalk.

To all the women out there, #HappyWomensDay

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64 responses to “My Take on the International Women’s Day

  1. I was interested to read your take on Women’s Day, Maniparna. I agree with most of your post except one point. I think March 8th is significantly different from any other day in the Gregorian calendar since it’s my birthday. πŸ™‚

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  2. Wonder how did I miss this genuine post. You are right- we should stop trying to be like men but be proud of being a woman. First, we should stop pinpointing each other and putting fellow woman over weighing scale every now and then. Each one of us make a difference. I heard elders labeling girls as “Tez” but never heard the same for a Boy. Its so hard to digest those words, It boils me inside but still cannot say anything to them as its ingrained in their souls.

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  3. Amazing post Mani. I was very much annoyed this Women’s Day seeing all those tags in FB. You have shown by this post how to celebrate it and what it means. Else, simply sharing pics, videos or selfie that say women are great, should be worshipped & so on doesn’t serve any purpose imo.

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  4. Powerful words Mani. I appreciate them. May I add that a girl child should be raised just the way a boy child is nurtured. Mothers sow the seeds of patriarchy in their innocent minds. Above all help them become economically independent and respectful.

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  5. Just loved the every word of the article so much..”feminism is the way to achieve quintessence of womanhood… rather be like human’….coined the words so beautifully..Thank you so much..Happy Women’s Day…

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  6. Apt post, Maniparna. A day singled out for the celebration of womanhood makes the situation no better. All we can do is to pledge on this day to be the change agents, by bringing about a change in our own mindset to start with.

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  7. We need to stop the practice of celebrating women’s day on a particular day, rather celebrate it every day. Its the attitude that counts and not the day.

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  8. Let us support each other. Let them feel that they are not alone. Let us avoid that suspicious eyes towards them and make our sisters more comfortable.. powerful post maniparna

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  9. Happy International Women’s Day, Mani. Agree we need to respect each other and accept each other for the way we look. We all have a choice on what we want to do with our bodies and everyone is different. Each to their own and we all have so much to contribute. It starts with seeing each others as equals, and then giving opportunities and respecting decisions 😊

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  10. How could anyone read your words and not see why it’s so important to have an International Women’s Day?

    Sad that so many are so used to the everyday violence and humiliations that it has all come to seem natural and normal.

    Yes, we must celebrate raising the status of women and girls!

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  11. Very succinctly putπŸ‘.
    Let’s teach our boys to respect, not commodify women and girls to respect, not judge others.
    And, those who are Gentlemen already, thanks for being an example and pass on the word.

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