Studying in IIT-Bombay


Though the end of the year brings many festivities with it, but we can’t turn a blind eye to the working or the educational side. The edifice of success stands upon the foundation of education. So, I thought of sharing some educational news for those of my readers who are still pursuing their studies.

In India, the IITs are institutes of national importance. They are autonomous public institutes for higher education. Admission to any of these institutes is a dream come true for the students. A student graduating from IITs with a summa cum laude gets a big boost in her/his career.

Interested students and parents can check out the IIT Bombay Cutoff to make sure they are not missing anything. In educational terminology, a cut-off means the threshold, the minimum that is needed to satisfy the criteria to qualify for admission or exam. Good luck to all the students pursuing an admission to IITB.


Sunset at Powai Lake from IITB (PC. Megha Gupta) 

The IIT Bombay or IITB has come up with their cut-off list for JEE Advanced. IITB was the second IIT in the country to be established with assistance from UNESCO. Being located at Powai, a suburb, and having close proximity to the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, the campus has adequate green and is comparatively free from the pollution of the rest of Mumbai. The greenery of the campus has added more to the glory of this prestigious institution. IIT Bombay has 17 departments, 13 multi-disciplinary centres, and 3 schools of excellence.


38 responses to “Studying in IIT-Bombay

  1. Thanks for this share Mani. I stayed in this prestigious campus for a couple of weeks with my cousin who was studing there. So green full of genius guys. You too feel genius once you come out from the campus😊😂

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  2. IITB sounds like a very prestigious place for learning all things technology. Quality courses and a fresh, natural atmosphere all round make seems to make it a conducive place for learning. When I was at university in Melbourne, I loved the greenery on campus like the trees and bushes and it was so refreshing to see it when I came out of classes. Vision breaks 🙂

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