Book Review: Cabbing All The Way By Jatin Kubrekar


When I read the name of the book, Cabbing All the Way by Jatin Kubrekar, the first thing that came to my mind is that it perfectly rhymes with jingle all the way. The name of the book intrigued me and I thought that it would be in perfect sync with the spirit of the month of December.

And, so it was. A fun-filled, light read that evidently will make you smile. Set in the city of Nawabs, Hyderabad, the book depicts the problem of commute faces by a group of twelve employees. They decide upon sharing a cab and, the story revolves around it. How a dozen persons with different mindsets, perspectives and nature befriend each other, criticize and, then again, learn the lesson of camaraderie as they proceed together in their journey, are nicely delineated by the author. It’s more like a personal anecdote, hence the easy-breezy tone is present almost everywhere.

The language is simple and, Jatin has told the story in an evocative manner. The story not only involves the journey of the cab but also redefines the character of those twelve persons, making them perhaps, better as human beings.

A nice read for those who like to smile and, don’t like too complicated a plot or an impressive (read too difficult to understand) writing style.

From my side, it’s 3.5/5

About the Author

For the mortal world, I pretend to be a Software Engineer who works hard (or hardly?) in the hours of a day. I am the guy next door, a hardcore Harry Potter fan and a movie buff. I literally ‘live’ every movie, I have strong opinions about its content and I hate it when a movie based on an interesting concept is messed up for the sake of commercial value. I enjoy watching cartoon shows (Doraemon, Dora and Chota Bheem) with my son. I never get bored of listening to the endless chatter of my wife. When I’m not writing, I make toys for children. But beyond the boundaries of this ‘cholesterol-rich’ coil, I am a rider of rapturous thoughts. I am a thinker, a philosopher, a seeker, a storyteller, a writer, a wanderer and every other thing that a thought can be. At times some of these figments fire out of my thoughtful bowl and command me to write, muse, create, recreate, destroy…EXPRESS! Who Am I? I have been asking this question to myself since 33 years, and I got a different answer always. Sometimes I get confused and think, am I asking the right question to seek the correct answer? Or maybe that am I missing the whole fantastic universal drama around me while I am busy finding an answer to an irrelevant question? Does the answer even matter?

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