Finding ATM With Cash With Money View

It’s been more than a month since the Indian Government has declared the demonetization of 500 and 1000 rupee notes. Whether it’s a bold step by PM Narendra Modi to strengthen the economy of the country, whether it’s an appropriate move to go after the black money accumulated through years or a major assault to fake currency, are not germane to my discussion right now. All these can only be figured out after a considerable amount of time. As of now, I’m more concerned about the cash flow needed by us, the common people, to lead a normal life.

The announcement on 8 November 2016 was immediately followed by a severe crisis of liquid cash in banks and ATMs. Now, even after one month, the situation has not improved much. Over the counter exchange of old notes has stopped resulting in making the queues in front of banks and ATMs longer and serpentine. Now,  we can only withdraw money from the bank or an ATM.

That sounds pretty simple, isn’t it? But, practically, it’s becoming a nightmare to procure cash to meet the nitty-gritty of life. Most of the ATMs are running out of money, in many places, when they are working, they are discharging notes of higher denominations other than hundred adding more to the conundrum. As the daily withdrawal limit is INR 2000 for each debit/credit card, it’s becoming literally useless when the ATM machine is gurgling out a single new note of 2000! Moreover, the long queue is making people impatient. I, myself, witnessed a few minor ruckus over the period of time.

A few days ago, I failed to spot a single running ATM. Everywhere the shutters were half-closed with the notice dangling “Out of Cash”. After dawdling around in vain for over an hour, I put up a status update on Facebook regarding the same. It was then, a friend informed me about Money View, an app that would help you to have a slight edge over others to find ATMs with cash near you.


Well, honestly, I didn’t pay much heed to my friend’s advice at first as I was totally exasperated with my harrowing experiences in finding active ATMs. Back home, I downloaded and installed the app to try my luck. To find ATMs with cash is no less a strenuous job than Finding Nemo. But, to my utter amazement, the Money view App turned out to be quite helpful. The app distinctly shows the state of the ATMs near you or at any given place in real time; that is, whether they are active right at the moment, or, were active 3 hours ago and so on.


The ATMs marked in green are obviously the active ones


Not only the app helps to locate nearby active ATMs, but it also informs you about the denomination of notes a particular ATM is discharging. I find this feature particularly useful as I said earlier, getting a single note of INR 2000 only adds more to the morass. Apart from the ATMs, the App provides information about the closest Big Bazaars, Petrol pumps and Inox multiplexes where you can get cash. You can also keep track of your transaction and set a budget with it.



With a huge user base of 5 million, the Money View App is undoubtedly the best one to serve your purpose of finding ATMs. I’m using it and, it has served its purpose pretty well as of now.

You can download the app HERE. If you happen to be on a desktop, you can then also track the ATMs with Money View App. Try it out, it’s really useful.

What are your experiences regarding finding ATMs and withdrawing money post demonetization? Share with us.



64 responses to “Finding ATM With Cash With Money View

  1. This app by Money view is such a wonderful initiative! Looks pretty comprehensive as well with a large database of banks and atms. Will look out for this Mani, thanks for sharing 🙂

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  2. the App provides information about the closest Big Bazaars, Petrol pumps and Inox multiplexes where you can get cash. I dont know whether it works actually or not , I installed two apps earlier but those apps were not giving update information about cash in any ATM.


  3. बहुत ही उपयोगी एप है। शेयर करने के लिए धन्यवाद मानिपर्णा।

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  4. Very very useful app for the present times. You’re right it is too premature to decide whether demonetization will actually achieve the intended results for us citizens, but it is absolutely necessary to lessen the present chaos and pain. Such an innovative app to deal with the situation is definitely a welcome step.

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  5. How nice to find a workable solution to the heartaches! The downside is that not many can have access to the facility for some reasons or other!


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  6. Very sorry to hear what is happening in India and the money situation. Hope it improves soon and it all doesn’t descend into a more unfortunate situation. We all do need money and cash for survival, and in these uncertain times I hope all of you take care. It amazes me how in India and Malaysia too ATMs are encased behind doors or strong glass – sometimes you never know who is on tough times walk by… I used to dread going to church in Malaysia and was always advised to have a big man with me. Stay safe, Mani.


    • Thanks a lot, Mabel, for your concern. Means a lot. 🙂

      Not at all places, ATM machines are enclosed. You can find them standing openly at corners in shopping malls or departmental stores. But those on the roadsides have such protection for security purposes. There is security personnel also to help aged people withdrawing the money.

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  7. I don’t think there will be an instant change. The Government is encouraging people to make online payments, use digital gateways to pay etc. If a major chunk of transaction across the country takes place through this medium, the Govt can earn more tax revenues it used to lose on unaccounted transactions. Prior to demonetisation, unaccounted cash transactions often went unnoticed. But as more transactions find their way through digital gateways, their beneficiaries can’t escape the taxman’s eye. So, in the long run, this step by the Government is going to help fill its coffers like never before..


    • I hope so too. But, it would never be possible for the Government to make a totally cashless society. the reasons are various. But, as you’ve said, if, even a chunk (mostly educated small business class) comes under it, the Government will subsequently be able to earn a greater revenue.


  8. The demonetization has affected each and every ‘aam aadmi’. I can understand very well how it feels to search for atms with money! The app sounds really good. Will check it out definitely. Thanks a lot for sharing.


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