Winter’s On The Way


Winter to Mother Nature is a season of minimalism. The colour palette has different shades of grey with tinges of pale green here and there. Occasionally, dollops of fresh, bright colours appear in the form of dahlias in my garden. My garden is a small one; comfortable, cosy place with not many trees or flower around. But, even then, the old, seasoned, intransigent winter has begun to mark its presence quite distinctly.

The periwinkle has lost its lustre. The flowers nod their heads involuntarily with the North wind as if they are dancing in a desultory fashion. The enigmatic violet/pinkish hue has been replaced by pale pink. The roses are behaving like demures, no longer their delicate petals are romping in joy. The glistening green of leaves are heavy with a shade lighter. The branches of the bigger trees are forming geometric patterns intersecting each other; barren, bare branches, devoid of foliage. Winter’s on the way.


In this part of the globe, as winter approaches, the distinct line between afternoon and evening gradually fades away. The morning starts late as the sleepy sun appears behind the diaphanous curtain of fog, the greyish-blue sky sometimes exudes warmth and comfort as the sun rises higher up, then suddenly, just after the noon the light begins to fade away. Soon, the greyish, foggy evening takes over making the sun effete.

It is particularly this time of the day I know not why I feel melancholic. That the earth is so quickly wearing her evening robe, makes me saddened. Winer is a hubristic hermit. It never feels attracted to the aestival beauties and, it enervates the verdant world with its steely, cold stare.

Lo and behold, brace yourself, winter is on the way.

120 responses to “Winter’s On The Way

  1. It is at the end of my work day in the winter which does make me also melancholy, Maniparna. This held so many parts of the changing seasons. The grays are taking over and the flowers have more brown leaves than colors! Nicely written! πŸ™‚ ❀


    • IN Kolkata, it’s just a couple of months, maximum. But, I’m not a fan of winter…the festivity in the air during winter increases my craving for good food, I want to sleep more, I want to go for short weekend trips, picnics- but all these are not possible…and so I don’t like it… πŸ˜›


  2. Lovely vocabulary…..should I say winter blues are making you write one of your best pieces….It was such a delight to read….I recently had read Kristin Hannah’s The Nightingale and the depiction of the hardships of war and the heartless winter always make me shudder…..When I say to myself that winters are coming, I go back to the novel and realize, it is just cold and everything else is fine…..Words and narration have powerful impact…..

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    • Right Sunaina. I remember one of Owen’s poems about war and cold. It made me shiver too and I thanked God for everything warm around, the room, the woollens and the love of family. Words truly have great impact…they can tear us apart and can mend wounds as well…

      Thanks so much for the comment… πŸ™‚


  3. Hi Maniparna πŸ™‚ How lovely to read your posts and poems again. I was away from social media and blogs for a couple of months now. Shall be in touch from now on πŸ™‚ It’s always nice to read posts from you. And yeah, happy winter and this reminds me how tough it’s going to be , especially to say no to the craving of food, sleep and laziness. πŸ™‚

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  4. “That the earth is so quickly wearing her evening robe, makes me saddened.” – Loved this sentence! Very poetic. But do cheer up, evening robes are also beautiful in their own way πŸ™‚


  5. A very nice welcome note on winter,choice of words is outstanding, learned many new words.
    winter is my fav. season but i dont like the moment just after taking bath coz after it i have to rush to hot sunrays.


  6. What a beautiful descriptive write up on the colours of winter.. Yes it’s sleepiness reflects on the rising and setting of the Sun.. Along with those cloudy wetter and for us often snowy days.. ( though not so much snow in recent years )..We have had lots of floods again though..
    Sending thoughts your way as you snuggle down perhaps with a good book in the cooler of the evenings..
    Sending love and thoughts your way Mani.. I really enjoyed your post xxx

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  7. As they say in Game of Thrones, ‘Winter is Coming!’. I understand the melancholy part of it too well. I feel that whenever I sleep during the day. It has not been possible for me to find the reason, but when I wake up and realize that the noon has given way to evening, I feel sad. There is a sad mellow, glow to the room and somehow, I feel weepy.
    After reading this, I just have one suggestion Mani, write a book please! Your descriptions are too beautiful πŸ™‚

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  8. What an apt description of winter as a hubristic hermit. Aestival and evergreen beauties are virtually reduced to ephemeral flashes. Grey days of winter really dulls life. Just think of many countries in northern hemisphere where people sight the Sun only few times in a whole year…!

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  9. I keep reading this poetic post over and over again and just feel amazed by how beautifully-craved your writing is. Your subtle description entices me much and it is as if we were all there and embrace the wonder of the scenery nearby. My warm greetings to you in this winter! 😊

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  10. What a beautiful expression of your garden and environment in winter… I admit, I love winters. And I love how everything has a sleepy look that takes on a brightness in the morning sunshine πŸ™‚ Get cozy

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  11. How vividly and poetically you have painted the colours of winters with words. I can visualize your garden as a pallette in which the trees, flowers, grass and leaves add a dash of their shade. Happy winter. πŸ™‚


  12. Winter has arrived here, too, though it’s a few weeks later than usual. Temp this morning was 20 F. Still a few leaves on the trees, which for late November is quite amazing.


  13. I can picture your garden and how you feel I think most of us do not look forward to the winter months….take care and feel the warm sun when it’s shining …


  14. How beautifully you’ve expressed yourself dear Maniparna:) It’s an absolute treat to read your thoughts that have been articulated exceptionally well.
    I used to brace myself a while ago…now Im slowly learning to embrace it:)
    I know that melancholy you’ve spoken about…’s just the heart yearning for some sunshine I assume. Hot chocolate is my remedy … what’s yours?:)
    Hugs & hope you have a happy winter:)

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