Yaaron Ki Baraat: Celebrating Friendship

“Hey, you are not supposed to touch the sweets before the puja ends.” She whispered to me, but I could feel the scorn even in the whisper. I stifled a giggle and, managed to grab a “Sandesh” (sweetmeat) from the tray kept in front of the Radha-Krishna idol. Her face got reddened, but her silent admonishment failed to affect me. My grandma was praying with her eyes closed, so she missed this little, almost Satanic, act!

She was my friend, Julia. We used to live in the same locality and, she was one of my best friends outside school. Though we were ‘friends’, but we were like chalk and cheese. She was an adorable girl, never did she dare to do things that could involve any childish chicanery. She was extremely good in her studies. I, on the other hand, was almost a terror and often people compared me to be the girly counterpart of Kelvin, just there was no Hobbes! I had a penchant for stealing ‘prasad’ before the puja ends. Every time, it would give Julia a shiver as she was sure curses from Heaven would be bestowed on me for this sacrilegious act, but even her wise counsel did little good to me.

In spite of being poles apart with our nature, we were friends. And, it was with me that even a so-called good girl like Julia did involve in some pranks we played together on others.

I remember a particular occasion happened during Diwali years ago. It was evening and us two were busy lighting candles and bursting crackers. We were not of that age to assess the danger of playing with fire. Though, elders were there to watch over us, but, somehow, we sneaked out at some point and began bursting crackers right in front of the rose-bed of a neighbour’s garden. The damage was severe to the flowers and the next morning, we were summoned by our parents. Nobody blamed Julia as she was noted for her innocence. But, when everyone was reprimanding me, she stood up suddenly confessing that she was my partner in this particular crime. That was our friendship! True and innocent.

We grew up in this way, from childhood to adolescence. We were bosom buddies or what we now call BFF. We remained in touch with one another even after our marriage. Our childhood memories always being our favourite subject of discussion. It was like a fun-filled journey of life, celebrating friendship.


Nowadays, she lives far away in another country. But still, her warmth of love reaches me crossing the continents and oceans. We are in touch with social media and an occasional call from any side just makes our day bright and beautiful.

True friendship is like this. It remains in our hearts always and makes our life wonderful.


When We Met A Few Years Back

Today, I’m particularly becoming nostalgic about Julia and our friendship as I just noticed the announcement of ZEE TV’s new show,  ZEE TV presents a fun-filled chat show  Yaaron Ki Baraat. It’s a celebration of eternal friendship that will put celebrity friendships to test through a series of fun challenges and tasks. Don’t forget to tune into ZEE TV at 8 PM on 8th October.


Attending A Common Friend’s Wedding

Want to know who the celebrities are? Well, two of the most known faces of Indian cinema, Amitabh Bachchan & Shatrughan Sinha, will share their quirky adventures as friends.

Get a sneak peek of the show here, visit the page Yaaron Ki Baraat.

And, for you, my readers, here’s a couple of special anecdotes shared about Amitabh Bachchan & Shatrughan Sinha. Enjoy!

Did you know that Big B and Shatru met for the first time at legendary comedian Mehmood’s brother Anwar Ali’s house and soon became part of a close group which included actors Asrani and Paintal? That back in their struggling days, Shatru had a car that he had purchased second-hand from comedian Jagdeep and it would break down multiple times and Shatrughan, in his full-on tashan, would make Big B and the other friends get off and push the car?

 Did you know that it was a historical moment when Shatrughan for the first time in over 40 years of their friendship, beat Big B’s punctuality and landed up for the shoot of Yaaron Ki Baraat 40 minutes before him? That otherwise Shatru had a track record of being perpetually late and Big B and the entire unit would remain to wait for hours for any schedule that they were shooting together?

Did you know that Big B and Shatru shared a common secretary Pawan Kumar? Shatru was already a star then but was down to earth and humble and would make Bachchan meet his producer and director friends for work?

To know more such things, don’t forget to watch Yaaron Ki Baraat on ZEE TV  at 8 PM on 8th October.

29 responses to “Yaaron Ki Baraat: Celebrating Friendship

  1. Maniparna i am sure you have thoroughly enjoyed Puja with your friends, family members, near and dear ones. But you will agree with me celebrations with our friends and that to our childhood friends with whom we do not have to think how why what we have spoken, make anything and everthing so noslaigic, romantic and full of fantasies. Your friendship with Julia is like colourful sparkles which leave a life lasting memories.Beautifully, magnificently, splendidly written.
    I missed the episode on 8thOct,please inform me when it is going to be retelecasted.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow this seems like such an awesome tv show and I’m sure it would be a lot of fun to watch it as well ! Your friendship with Julia has stood the test of times and love and the warmth that surrounds you two is heartwarming to see 😊💞

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Friendship with people in different countries is wonderful, of course being with them in person is much better but our blogs give us that warm feeling too. From commenting on your review for Facts of Life netted me a copy as well, so thank you very much for that!

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  4. Lovely examples of how opposites can become friends forever, Maniparna! This was brace of her to announce her complicity in the firecrackers.
    I love the way you still stay in touch and are so close! ❤


  5. Distance and time seem to have little effect on true friendships – my best friend lives in Iceland while I am here in sweltering Australia 🙂 – It makes our visits to each others family homes very enjoyable and a relief from our respective weather 🙂 Nice post Maniparna

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  6. So wonderful to have such a close friend. And when you are so different from each other you can learn from each other and benefit from each other’s strengths. How great is that?!


  7. It is so nice to hear you and Julia are still friends today, and these are great photos of the two of you. Getting close and hamming it up for the cameras like best friends do. She was definitely very brave when she confessed to the fire-cracker fun. Best friends never let you down – they join in the fun and fight with you, encourage you 😀


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