Book Review: BUGman by Sachin Kodagali & Santosh Avvannavar


No, this BUGman book is not the series by Tim Downs, but about a more sophisticated community of people we call software engineers. In this age of IT, perhaps, we all know what a ‘bug’ means when the word is used as a technical jargon. A software bug is a flaw, mistake, or error which may cause unwanted results or deviate the program from producing expected efficiency. In the book  “BUGman”, the author-duo Sachin Kodagali and Santosh Avvannavar has tried to portray the life of a software engineer as a tester; the problems a fresher may face, the process of interview, the right approach to the job and so on.

Though the topic appears to be a technical and monotonous one, the authors have skillfully presented it mostly through the personal experiences of two pivotal characters, Sa (Sachin) & Sa (Santosh). The two characters are in perfect contrast with each other. While Sachin is a diligent, hard-working, serious guy, Santosh’s motto is not to work hard, but work hardly!” But both of them are well aware of their responsibilities and execute them properly showing the readers the way to survive and succeed in the IT industry.

Sachin conforms with the norms that a software professional should not only learn the existing technologies but also be future ready. It’s also an important part of the job to co-ordinate with the team as and when required. Practical knowledge is of utmost importance for theoretical concepts don’t always help to trap a bug.

The book shows how one should step into IT industry without stumbling and, what are the different aspects that can transform a run-of-the-mill engineer to a proficient one. The book rightly says, that, there are copious engineers in the country these days; to succeed, one needs to follow the rules and understand the way industry works.

Let me cite a few quotes from “BUGman”

In IT, there is nothing like ‘all of a sudden’.

Candidates should know about the Company, its work, domain and what will one gain if given an opportunity to work there.

Education is meant to increase the confidence of a person to face the world.

Tuition is to studies and training is to job, but the gradation never stops (on Appraisal).

The authors have succeeded in keeping the narrative tone light throughout the book using simple, lucid language. The occasional gleams of humour even make you smile amidst the technical jargons used.

I highly recommended the book to the freshers who are about to start their professional life, to all the students and even to seasoned ‘bugmen’. Because, as it has been said, in IT, you learn something new each day.

From my side, it’s 4.5/5

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51 responses to “Book Review: BUGman by Sachin Kodagali & Santosh Avvannavar

  1. The book must be a good one. However let me acknowledge without a hitch that your review is no less either. Crisp and concise, very useful and informative nevertheless.

    Jitendra Mathur


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