Studying In Australia, Make Your Dream Come True

Colleges are for higher education. They help us to strengthen the foundation built by the schools. But, nobody can ignore the fact that college days are also a treasure trove of memories. College days are that part of life when bigger responsibilities begin to set in, but adolescence is in full bloom, making them memorable. I think, like how we imbibe the education, we also accumulate memories that last for the rest of our lives.

As the world has become substantially small with the advent of the internet, the number of students going abroad to study in different foreign universities is growing day by day. One can now easily stay in touch with home and family and, it is even easier to garner necessary information about foreign universities from their respective websites. I think this is one of the best boons of the World Wide Web. Students can now get acquainted with various cultures, society, and education systems; motley of thoughts and theories help them to know more and bring out the best in them. Right now, I believe competition is a hard truth and one must rise to the challenge to fulfill their dreams successfully.

Among the different countries where students thrive to go, in order to excel in their fields of interest, Australia comes to mind promptly. More and more sub-continent students look to Australia to chase their dreams and careers.

The easy-going, casual temperament of the Australians permeates friendliness helping the immigrant students to mingle in the foreign country. An egalitarian society pervades where men, women and children are treated equally. The notion of appearing superior to others in terms of dress, manners, knowledge and work ethic is generally discouraged here.

Public hospitals often provide free services, and prevention of illness is a priority for the Government. Fields of science, art and humanities, are looked upon with equal interest and preference. The film and television industries receive substantial government support and tax incentives. The Government also funds the schools of performing arts. An interesting fact is, Australia is one of the leading nations in per capita income and Australians are known to spend more on books and magazines.

One might wonder how these factors are responsible for choosing Australia as the destination for higher education. Well, certainly these things help and encourage students from all streams to pursue their interests in various fields and, also feel comfortable and welcomed at the new place.


However, the biggest achievement and success of Australia lies in its educational system. The rules and guidelines have seen its achievements in the educational field to a great extent. The education system offers over 12,000 courses, which are internationally recognized and are of world-class standards.

Among the cities of Australia, Sydney holds a special position for its temperate climate, beautiful harbours, and pristine beaches. There are abundant choices for international students in Sydney. The beach city is beautiful and attracts tourists and students naturally. Sydney is ranked 4th in the recent QS Best Student Cities in the world rankings, based on the attributes of student mix, quality of living, employer activity, and affordability. One of the major institutions that are paving the path to success for students is UTS:INSEARCH. Its consecration is to prepare students for UTS – University of Technology Sydney, one of the leading universities of Australia.


Why should you choose UTS:INSEARCH if you select Sydney, Australia as your destination?

Depending on the course you’ve chosen, this pathway will fast-track you into the second year of a UTS bachelor degree after completion of the UTS:INSEARCH diploma. They also have a strong connection with UTS and hold a high record of success.

Also, you have a chance to interact with some of the current students personally to get an idea of what really goes around at UTS and UTS:INSEARCH. You can know about these ambassadors and their stories – while they are living and chasing their dreams in Sydney.

You can follow them on Instagram and ask questions directly if you have any queries!



If you want to be a part of this progressive education system, work-culture, and lifestyle, it’s time to chase your dreams and make it happen!


72 responses to “Studying In Australia, Make Your Dream Come True

  1. Wow that’s wonderful I didn’t know that Australia had so much to effort . It’s great these 12 students are sharing their experiences it will give other students something to think about when choosing a school .

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  2. Sadly, my own student days are far behind me, but Australia does sound like a wonderful place. The attitude to education that you mentioned will surely help the country tremendously.

    I’ve been lucky enough to meet quite a number of Australians over the years, so I’ve heard quite a lot about the country. Perhaps one day I’ll have a chance to visit it. 🙂


  3. Nice post Maniparna 🙂 A majority of Australians love the multicultural atmosphere that our major cities are developing and our workplaces are very much multi-cultured. Especially in science, the field I am in – in my workplace we have Australian scientists as well as colleagues from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Singapore, England, New Zealand, Japan, Portugal, Brazil, Greece, Ethiopia and Mongolia (I think I covered everybody) Oh I nearly forgot our German colleague :). When we have a work celebration and people bring along a plate of food to share it is a true taste sensation 🙂 No country is perfect but Australia is rather nice… and the beaches are wonderful 🙂

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  4. I know of several people who travelled to Australia to make their dreams come true.. One close friend, who had never looked back. A Doctor who was a son of a friend, and a builder who did quite a lot of work on our own home who moved there..
    it is the place to be if one can get the permits to stay.. 🙂

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  5. Australia is being a favorite destination for Indian students after US . Australia is our close friend too . Good post and useful for the young readers and parents who wish to be their for study.

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  6. To be young today and have the choices of international study as the young do today … I’ve always been curious about Australia and to actually get the chance to live there and go to school would be one very amazing experience. College education is so intense and I hope the students do take time out to enjoy and learn the country they are going to school in. Excellent post, Maniparna. You really are versatile in the assortment of writing you can do. Good for you!!! ❤

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  7. I’ll definitely check this out since I’ve an year and a half left until graduation and I’m interested in applying for higher studies abroad. Thanks a lot for posting this !

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  8. Studying in Australia sounds pretty good considering especially the choices in the courses that they offer. Plus I find that they have a very relaxed and creative attitude towards life and living!

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  9. Students are going to foreign countries for better education and career and Australia is a leading name. Nice information shared about the UTS. I hope it will be helpful for aspiring students. Thank you Maniparna.

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  10. Ah, Australia as the destination for international students. I think a lot of students from South East Asia and India like to choose Australia as a place to study not only because of the casual atmosphere and good weather here, but because of its proximity and fairly safe nation. You might remember a few years ago in Australia, there were quite a few attacks against Indians, in particular Indian students and migrants. It was so bad that the Indian community here gathered to protest against this violence against them in Australia. I was researching this incident for a subject at university, and I remember it also made headlines in India.

    Thankfully these days, everything has settled down now and there is no much of this nonsense in Australia. Indians are welcome and some of my Indian friends are very happy to be here 🙂

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    • Yes, Mabel, I remember that incident. A Punjabi student was involved and there were some racist remarks against him from a group of Australian students. The incident took a worse turn and made headlines in all the leading newspaper here. But, as you’ve said, now there is no such problem and things are peaceful. A number of my school friends have settled in Australia and they assured me even at that time about their safety. Recently, just a month back, another friend shifted to Melbourne. Even, we thought once of shifting but there are family problems and the plan never mature.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts… I always look forward to your comments… 🙂


      • Back in university one of my lecturers showed our class this Punjabi incident and how it was reported in Indian media – very sensationalised. Very nice to hear your Indian friends are calling Australia home. Deepavali is coming up in a couple of months, and like the past few years there will be lots of celebrations here in Melbourne 🙂

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      • Last year there was a big Deepavali celebration in the city here in Melbourne. Probably a few thousand Indians were all gathered there enjoying the festivities. It was such a great atmosphere but I didn’t get to take photos.

        This year, I hope to take photos and will be ready. And at some point I hope to blog about the topic of Indian and Asian culture… 🙂

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