Know About Varicocele, A Leading Cause of Infertility

It’s our responsibility to keep our body healthy because a strong and sound mind can reside only in a healthy body. The hectic life, stress, and tension we face every day, have given rise to a new breed of lifestyle diseases. Lifestyle diseases are often caused by the ways we live our lives. While it is not possible to change the way we have accustomed ourselves to keep pace with the modern life, it’s always advisable to know about the diseases for precaution or an early detection.

One of the male lifestyle diseases that silently creeping and, clasping its claw becoming one of the prominent reasons for male infertility, is varicocele, popularly known as lover’s nut.


What Is Varicocele? 

Varicocele is an abnormal enlargement of the vein (pampiniform venous plexus) in the scrotum. It’s somewhat same as varicose veins often occurring in legs.

How Does it Occur? 

Veins contain one-way valves which allow blood to flow from the testicles and scrotum back to the heart. When the system fails to send back the blood, it pools causing the veins to enlarge around the scrotum to form a varicocele. Thus, the build-up of blood is taken to be the primary reason causing the dilation.


The symptoms don’t always involve pain. However, pain may occur while standing for a long time or during workouts and can vary from mild to sharp.

It’s better to consult the doctor if one detects any type of change in the size of the testes.

Varicocele Can Lead To Infertility

Most of the doctors opine that varicocele can cause infertility in the long term. In fact, statistics says, among infertile couples worldwide, 30% of the men have varicoceles.

Due to the increased blood that pools up around the scrotum, the temperature of the testicles subsequently increases. A temperature slightly lower than the body temperature is best for sperm production. Due to the raised temperature, production of sperms becomes inefficient leading to infertility.

As you can understand, this is not a one-day process. It takes months or years to develop a varicocele. An improper lifestyle is one of the main causes behind it and, hence, it is called a lifestyle disease. The highest occurrence of varicoceles is in men ageing from 15–35.

Most of the times, men feel embarrassed to discuss the problem with the doctor at the initial stage. As the varicocele is not accompanied by pain always, they seem to underestimate its pernicious effects in the long term.


Grocare India Is Trying to Make People Aware

Grocare India is trying to raise awareness about the disease. Not always a varicocele needs a surgical intervention. A healthy change in lifestyle, a holistic approach along with a few medicines, can help you to get rid of the problem naturally. Grocare India has mainly three medicines;  Acidim,  Activiz, and Nervica. Varicocele treatment without surgery is possible with Grocare if one follows a healthy lifestyle.

Grocare India provides a comprehensive diet chart which contains all the pointers on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Remember, it’s not as much as what you eat, as when you eat it and, whether your body can digest it.

The groundwork of all happiness is health. Stay happy with a healthy lifestyle with Grocare India.

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47 responses to “Know About Varicocele, A Leading Cause of Infertility

  1. I read the post with interest and some alarm. I’m not sure where to go with this comment. As Durga Prasad Dash said earlier on this thread, you certainly bring a lot of variety to your posts. It’s a real bag of mixed nuts.

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  2. It is always good to inform readers of potential danger in diseases, Maniparna. You are right, men are usually not as diligent in going to their doctor’s office and follow up exams. Hugs to you for your caring! xo

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  3. I was unaware of this condition up until I read your post. Very informative piece. I’m sure for a lot of people knowing about this might be very helpful.


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