Lost my heart 
Found my life 
Love recycled


Her tears
Felt saline



Holding teardrops
From long past
The heart still beats


76 responses to “Micropoetry

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  2. Let the tears drop from the tender cheeks and touch the warmth of the heart only then the heart heals.Gracefully and superbly written Maniparna.


  3. Beautifully worded, Maniparna. Sometimes, we try to be strong and the tears don’t flow. The emotional pain can be worst than the physical pain.

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  4. Beautiful, it reminded me of a poem I wrote years ago…


    A soft word spoken
    A fire does rise

    A soft, soft smile brings
    A heart to life

    A look of need from
    Embracing eyes

    Renews the fires of love
    That had once died in life.


    Your poems, your words are gems my sister! God bless!

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