carousel 1


We are placed on horses, red, blue and green
The merriment is all there, lustre and sheen.
Round it goes; one, two, three and four
Blazing past as we move; faces, places and more.
We laugh, we cry, we want it to last for eternity
But with each passing round, we approach the reality.
It ends slowly, taking us back to where we belong
Time ticks, we never crave to hear the final gong.

And, we get down. The carousel of life
Concocts love, discord, merriment and strife. 

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34 responses to “Carousel

  1. The circle of life, and what a ride it is! Beautiful metaphor, Mani — like a carousel, life also has its ups and downs. It’s also fascinating to note that the Grim Reaper rides a pale horse. You’ve captured the essence of life and death in your amazing words! 🎠 🎠 🎠

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  2. The carousel of life, beautifully worded. Life is what we make out of it but granted, some people do not have a voice. Money buys one comfort and a lifestyle however reasonably good health (as best as I can manage it) and inner peace are things I hold dear. Inner peace is something that money cannot always buy.

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  3. This is so true. Beautifully penned, I am glad to have stumbled upon your blog today and I am looking forward to read your posts in the near future. Cheers! :

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