In the cacophony of concrete,
A piece of firmamental delight
Pristine, shy and light.


69 responses to “Trapped

  1. Wow Mani. . very true words! In cities it is difficult to feel free as we all are always trapped with different things. I can feel the words. Nature is the only thing that takes us closer to mental peace.

    Have a great weekend Mani. . 🙂

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  2. Well done Maniparna 🙂 I often wonder how trees manage to survive in our big cities, along-side busy roads. I am glad they do – they give me shelter and draw my eye to the beauty of a blue sky…with a few puffy white clouds 🙂 Thank you for another excellent poem and pic.

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  3. The gorgeous sky is a welcome reprieve from concrete, I agree. Look beyond your current suroundings, What an important and hopeful message! There’s so much substance in your lovely poetry. 🌤😍

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  4. It’s surprising how small the world is when surrounded by all the concrete and yet, how big the buildings become and take over. To find a patch of green can be nearly impossible.

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  5. Beautiful poem, Mani. Love the last words, “shy and light”. It speaks of fragility, yet we can positive and hopeful in times of vulnerability. So easy to be trapped in concrete, especially if we work a full time job nine to five. So easy to get caught up in routine and stick to it because it’s easy.

    Love the shot, and love the upwards angle. It is as if the person who took the shot is looking up and looking out, up and out to a better day and place 🙂

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