The Darkest Corner


There’s always a world inside you
Secret layers of
Passion, desires, selfishness
The world you might never be able
To live in, but
It lives within you.

The cavernous void
Of surreptitious serendipity
Of finding fault in everyone
The secret yearning, abhorrence
Which are afraid to surface
To the upper strata of mind.

All these validate your existence
The real you; skulking
Within you.

I am an optimist. I always like to see the positive sides of life. Though, I also believe a blatant optimism often leads to a situation when we keep on turning a blind eye to the actual scenario. Sagacity lies in depicting both aspects of life; the dark and the negative and, the bright and the positive. Hence, this ‘dark’ poem.

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99 responses to “The Darkest Corner

  1. Wonderful poem. Would you consider lending your talents to this project?
    We have 100 contributions to date, and I am trying again to rope in as many contributors to the Poets for Peace challenge (in place until this the end of August). The many voices in response to this have been fantastic, and I’d love you to add yours (again, if applicable) if you can. Feel free to use an existing piece of writing or a new one asking for peace and/or about the troubled times in which we live.

    If you are interested, please leave your poem in the comments section of Neha’s bog and it will be added.

    Thank you –
    Your voice matters.


  2. Yes, it is within us….the dark and the light, the void and the fullness….Beautiful poem Maniparna…..The ability to see darkness makes room for the ‘light’…..your ‘dark’ poem enlightens…..Good to have you back…..

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  3. once again a beautiful creation !! I agree with your view that over doing optimism leads to a situation where we go blind for the reality.
    Great take.

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  4. I do agree that secret layers lead to discovery. However, some cakes in the shop window are best left uneaten. I am not one who go for ’empty calories.’

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  5. Deeply driven thoughts, poem is profound. The world within and these passion and desires that we keep suppressing and keep hold to and not knowing what to do and how to handle that inside characteristics of ours, yes we have learn to live with it and we face conflict of balancing the world within and the world outside that impacts us on a daily basis. I love the word “serendipity”, everyday we get back and we look for something surprising good happening to us, the secret yearning is all there with us, only that we get distracted in the cacophony of the outside world…you have chosen the perfect word “sagacity”, the balance, the control, the prudent approach is needed to get the things in order.

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  6. A beautiful poem Maniparna. Yes, we have these shades, much as we would not like to admit, and at times these surface and guide our behaviour, As you have pointed out sagacity lies in acknowledging the existence of these emotions and trying to minimize their influence and impact.

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  7. And this world reaches out to your dreams, leaks into your passions, creeps its way into your life…and you stand still…helpless but knowing exactly why certain things happened in a certain way!
    Beautiful post M! πŸ™‚

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  8. I totally agree.. I use to call myself very optimistic ..but life has taught a lot and hence now I keep things to myself mostly .. Other will not ubdestand. . As probably I would not what they gone through. .

    Moreover who has time to share .. but nevertheless world is a lovely place..and it’s as good as we make of it..

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  9. There you said it.. both aspects, though I am an extremely positive person, that if I do go down that negative trail, I bounce back in like half an hour to the positive state. (You would be dreaming at this hour.. sleep well)

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  10. I have seen that world…the secret layers have added new hues to my inner self…lived there and emerged the most resilient, armed with the best of human convictions and lessons in self-discovery. The darkness of that world guides you towards the sun that never sets!
    Another masterpiece Mani! Loved it.

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