64 responses to “Catching Dreams

  1. Well done. I feel everything you write you are talented never stop doing this great gift you have been given.

  2. Indeed we get a different world in our imagination, so much there and so much to do when we venture into our world where we can play with our fantasy and take a break and get a relief from the real world and not easy to put under the constant pressure of the real world and we need the vent release our pressure and it comes with the break and in the fairy land, it is everything is in our mind. We all love to there and come for a break into the real world but in reality it is the other way round and there is lies the beauty and bounty of life. Lovely thought as usual and it has forced to take a immediate break…
    Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday.

  3. Lovely and introspective, Mani. Sleep, like life is fleeting and catching moments to live and slumber peacefully — ah, paradise, indeed. 😴 💤

  4. Wowww!! No words I can express .. Bowing salute .. The words took me to my shwopon Bari .. Felt like my feelings are been recited .. I love u mani amazing .. Amra kache shabdandra sesa hoye geche . Apnar kajer proshonsha kore hoye na .. Aar ki rokom bolbe jani na .. Darun !!

  5. I like the word “gossamer” when it is in descriptions of gossamer wings,of angels or butterflies, this works perfectly in the poem, Maniparna! Gossamer webs of dreams in paradise are what would be beautiful to imagine! Hugs, Robin

  6. O don’t know why, but padh ke dil kaisa to ho gaya! It made me very emotional! May be I got it wrong, but it seemed like an unfulfilled desire to me! A long! Loved it too much!

    May be, I’ll write a story on my takeaway on this poem. You are awesome, ma’am! Kudos!

      • I don’t know if it’s allowed to comment again after commenting once, Maniparna, and if it’s not, I apologize.

        Sleep is actually a fleeting paradise for a tortured soul. A jailed prisoner sleeps more than a cat, who’s said to spend half its life in dreams. The time spent sleeping is the time out of the jail for a prisoner.

        The time spent sleeping is the time out of life for a tortured soul.

        Isn’t it your best, arguably, of course?

        You are one of my favorite poets.

      • You can comment anytime, as many times as you wish…:-)

        Sleep is a fleeting paradise for a tortured soul- yes, but it’s very much required to keep one’s mind sound and body, healthy. Sleeping has a healing touch.

        I’m really honoured and overwhelmed with the last two lines of the comment. Thanks a lot!

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