Pluvial Pleasure


Grey clouds gather, harbinger of rain

Teardrops of angels but blessing

To the earth’s scalding cauldron.

It nourishes from above

A joyous celebration

I wait, I watch  and dance

In a desultory fashion.

I wear the raindrops

Feeling oneness with the sky

Drinking the petrichor

Under nature, as I lie.

Rendezvous with rain

A sensual  meet

Pluvial pleasure

I feel, fulfilled.

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124 responses to “Pluvial Pleasure

  1. Our Summer and winter last year was like that.. Continual rain.. But rain is the water of Life.. and all drops are only being returned to Mother Earth.. xx
    Many thanks for your visit dear friend.. and wishing you a Happy weekend

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  2. This such a wonderful coincidence for me relate the words and emotions that you have so beautifully presented. This has been one of the worst summer in India and it is no exception for cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad. It’s been such scorching heat that people like us are under grip of heat wave and the thought of less privileged people makes us feel so painful.

    Luckily the other day after such grueling heat came the sudden relief in the form of rain and it did so for couple days and I could see the live in the nature and the power of rain and the way we get immersed in the bounty of rain and each drops stimulates life in so many organism lying low under the cruel heat hitting hard at them.

    The smell and the cool that comes with the rain is indeed indescribable but you have done so just magically…the picture sums it up and there is mystic feeling permeating out if it with serenity and the imminent storm…

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    • I can understand the ecstatic feeling of having a downpour after being fried in the scalding cauldron of summer! I love rain…I just love everything about rain! I bore my readers posting repeated poems/prose about rain and my feeling about it…but I can’t just help to express my joy in words… 🙂 Thank you so much for appreciating….I’m really glad to know you could relate… 🙂

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      • Yes Maniparna, I too love the thought of rain and the change it brings in the nature and in our mood, it is indeed truly magical. Nothing can match the first drop and the smell it emanates from the soil, perhaps it is natures way of augmenting the power of mythical joy. With the shower comes alive the nature’s beauty and bounty…there is freshness and there is fragrance. One can write and one can sing with the rain and it is a wonderful stimulation for nurturing human emotions and giving motions to of our thoughts. Love the way you make yourself immersed in the magic of the rain droplets.

        There is a passion and that passion gets the trigger with the sound and sight of rain…thanks so much for sharing. One more month you will have your season at your disposal.

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      • Yes, the countdown has started. by the way, here in Hyderabad last few days was no less the rainy season, it was good couple days of good rain…


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