I Owe You!

It happens with me always. A distracted mind, exhausted thoughts receives a balmy touch whenever I look at a flower. I owe you Mother Nature, for saving my soul, for bestowing the pristine peace when I need it most, for creating sublimity.

Taking a walk through the garden or sometimes simply through a path full of untrimmed weeds and wild-flowers can make you rejuvenated and revived. You can feel peace resuscitated inside you making you feel one with the universe. Why not care for the beautiful Mother Nature when it can be inexhaustibly sustainable with a little love from our side?

Discovering and experiencing nature is like re-inventing our own selves. It’s the door to self-discovery.

Again, I owe you!


1-pinic 161hibiscus

91 responses to “I Owe You!

  1. This was a great departure from serious and such a lovely sense of humor, too. I owe my life to Mother Nature, often needing to take in the heavenly scents of the beautiful flowers. I like the water trickling in a stream which softens the edges of my mind, dear. I would send you a bouquet, if I could! πŸ™‚ Hugs, Robin

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  2. Truly agree that spending time with nature is like re-inventing our own selves. It’s indeed the door to self-discovery.

    And thanks, Maniparna, for sharing such wonderfully inviting captures πŸ™‚

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  3. Very true! Flowers and children, these are the vibrant relief in the otherwise bleak and gray world. They cause us senseless happiness by their mere presence. A sense of well-being, euphoria and the hope that not all is lost.

    A very simple and very positive post!

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  4. Glad to know of the similar interest. One must spend some time to inhale the beauty of Mother nature. The patterns, the symmetry, the colors, the adaptability. It’s amazing and endless. Beautiful photographs and lovely thoughts, Maniparna!

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  5. I always take the time to share my life alone with Mother Nature, she is an always inspiring treasure I cannot live without! Thanks for praising her..she is indeed worthy…as are the beautiful gems you share. I could write a poem to each of the images you shared! Hugs, and blessings dear sister!

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  6. Very true.. I’m home and I’ve gone back to getting my hands dirty, planting little little things πŸ™‚ the joy of seeing them sprout, a leaf at a time ..:) just like walking and looking at them ..I owe you!


  7. Beautiful words to go along with your beautiful shots of Mother Nature, Mani. The shots are so crisp, so vibrant and full of life. Agree that a bit of a walk in nature can calm the soul and make us feel good. Often so many of us are trapped in indoors routine office jobs, and when we get the chance to step out into nature, it feels all the more sweeter πŸ™‚

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