Night of the Moon

1-Beauty 177
The full moon was up in the sky

Coquettish beauty, she was no shy.
She was reigning over the night
Silvery footprints, a mesmeric sight.
Waves regaled her, boisterous
A thousand silvery smile, amorous.


107 responses to “Night of the Moon

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  2. I love the metaphor of the Queen reigning over the planet and presented as having the right to command her subject. She does shift our moods and turn our tide and even drives us mad sometimes:-)

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  3. Moonlight is always visualised in feminine form, thus your silvery smiles are beautifully conceived. Reminds me of a song in Malayalam where the river is described as flowing with her thousand anklets jingling…

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    • Thank you…

      The moon is considered both as female and male. According to the Chinese, French and Roman mythology, moon is a female. I like to consider the moon as a female…her beauty is soothing, she is mystical..magical… πŸ™‚


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