The Signs of Being an Introvert

Introversion is not an inept quality as it is often looked upon. Rather, it is the power of quietness, the triumph of soliloquy over dialogues. Introverts are not unsocial; they only find it easier to boost up the spirit when alone. Introverts are not unfriendly; they just think a tête-à-tête is more productive than a large gathering. Introverts keep their best traits inside them and don’t believe in show-offs. They know confidence is silent, it’s lack of it that is obscenely loud and ostentatious.

No, this is not an article to sing paeans of introversion. Many people around us are introverts. They share some common traits. Society marks them as introverts. But, trust me, many of us partake those very characteristic traits, knowingly or unknowingly, somewhere in our minds, we are all alone, an introvert.

Let’s discuss a few of those signs of introversion and see for yourself whether you’re an innie or outie.

You find it severely irksome to pick up the phone. 

Each time your phone rings, you look down to the screen for the name and even if it’s from a person you like, you find it quite cumbersome at times to allow a conversation. It’s not that you have an apathy for the person at the other end, it’s just that you don’t feel like talking or couldn’t gather that much energy to start a conversation. It often happens that you call them back as soon as you’re mentally prepared.

You often search for words or topics in the middle of a conversation.

You often stumble when continuing a conversation with someone for a long time. You love to listen while chipping in a few words now and then, but when the responsibility comes to you to sustain the conversation, you find it a titanic task.


You keep on running a monologue in your head.

Most often introverts converse in their minds before spluttering it out in the public. They weigh their words before saying and have a voice inside.

You have often been told to come out of your shell.

You keep silent; you don’t rant or rave about your feelings in the way some other people do. That sometimes creates an impression that you are concealing your feelings though that is not the case. You just love being to yourself.

You don’t like to take active and aggressive part in a group discussion or a meeting.

It’s not an easy task for you to speak up in the presence of unknown or half-known people. Even if you do, you find that incredibly cumbersome and, you always let out a sigh of relief as soon as it ends. You also try to avoid shows involving active audience participation.

You are a good listener.

Your friends often come to you to speak about their problems. Because you’re a kind of person who never loses patience or interrupts them in between drawing a hasty conclusion. You also observe things more minutely than others.

You often feel alone in the crowd.

While in the midst of a party, you feel as if alienated from your surroundings. The social activities touch you but fail to reach you. You try to avoid parties where you don’t know a single person you are comfortable with.


The last but not the least….

You are a Writer

You always find it easier to express yourself in writing. The words and opinions, expressions and feelings, in your mind are best communicated when you pen them down. By this, you can be alone with your thoughts and, that gives wings to your creativity.


So, if you are saying ‘yes’ to at least five of the above telltale signs of introversion, you’re probably an introvert. What do you think? Share with us.

154 responses to “The Signs of Being an Introvert

  1. I often hear this “ekta phone kore kakhono khoj nis na” It is not that I don’t care, it is just that calling up is an ordeal for me..and yes I do feel alone in a crowd..I never feel lonely when I am alone, it is always the other way round…amazing post..I don’t know, how I missed it..thanks for sharing.

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  2. Thank you for sharing this insightful post to me. As an introvert since childhood, I could totally relate to almost all of the signs you described. I often feel overwhelmed when I have to speak aloud or attend social parties in face of unknown guests. Even up to now, it is much better for me to spend time in solitude to crave thoughtful words. Fortunately, I am so glad to discover this WordPress platform and connect with like-minded bloggers like you, showing me that introverts are not alone in this extrovert-oriented world. After all, it is our heartfelt words, instead of impromptu chit-chats, that endure and let us leave our marks in pages of writing or in our own personal website.

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