Spring is Here


The verbiage of nature
At this time of the year
Never an exaggeration though
Methodical intricacy in the
Abundance of colour. 
Gossamer of hues
Mother Nature’s 
Unique way of spreading
Love and happiness. 

84 responses to “Spring is Here

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  2. I liked the way you included beauty, repetition in your use of “methodical,” and joyous emotions! The description using “gossamer of hues” was a genius addition.
    Maniparna, you are truly an amazing “wordsmith” showing how to manipulate and arrange words into lovely bouquets. ❤ Hugs, Robin

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  3. Yes! Mother Nature gives her love in the form sprightly spring, smiling blossoms fill the air with fragrance…a treat for the eyes and all the senses albeit I love all her moods…she is fascinating in all her forms.
    Thanks for weaving a wreathe of words to pay homage to her beauty.

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  4. Lovely picture and beautifully worded. Nature is a reflection of our life. The colors and the seasons have a pattern and it produces such beauty and we never have the words to capture and picture its bounty.

    Each tree and each flower shows it flavour and shades in every season, and it is so beautifully designed by nature and we just need to know how to nurture and those lovely aspects of life is artistically nestled in the cocoon of nature…indeed it such fascinating display of beauty by nature.


  5. Nothing in nature is an exaggeration.The profusion of colour in spring, the copious monsoon showers and turbulence in air and water, and the meditative autumnal days and nights are all there for a reason. The beautiful pic and words here inspired me into these observations…best wishes.


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