Wake Up With #Colgate360GoldMornings

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Mornings! There is always something magical about mornings. As the sun begins to paint the sky with dollops of colours here and there, as the chirping of the birds welcomes the new light of the dawn, as the world slowly gets up from the slumber, as the propitious rays of the sun slowly brighten up the day- we can feel the birth of new promises and hopes.

In my childhood, I used to wake up with my grandpa chanting the Surya mantra in his baritone voice. The deep, clear pronunciation of the shloka, Om Jabakusum sankasyang Kashayapeyang mahadutyim”  immediately used to make the morning a brighter one. It was like transforming a good morning to a gold morning. Grandpa always said one should forget and never wake up with the contrition of what remained undone the previous day, but rather, should think of new achievements and new dreams each morning.

That is still my mantra. I wake up with new conviction and faith each morning.

Healthwise, brushing the teeth and washing the face are also essential rituals of my mornings. If the rays of new hope and optimism cleanse up your inner soul, these two healthy habits help to do the same for the outer appearance.

I have a small verdant patch at my house, my very own space. On those days when I’m able to manoeuvre the time, I have my first sip of coffee while sitting there, caressing the foliage or looking at the hues of the flowers nodding their heads in delight with the breeze doing the waltz.  At those very moments, I can feel, the morning is transforming once again, from good to golden.

But, it was a package I received from Colgate India a few days ago, made me understand how good mornings can be turned to golden ones, literally and figuratively. As I said, brushing is an indispensable part of my mornings, and so is the coffee. It was exciting to receive a Colgate 360° Charcoal Gold toothbrush, a mug and a flask, all shimmering in the golden hue. The happy way to start the morning, a gold-standard morning refreshment package with #Colgate360GoldMornings.

Every single morning is unique, as it never comes back to us again. The fading away of the darkness of the night and the rising of the sun signify the most important aspect of life- the darkness of despair giving way to the light of optimism.

“Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark.”- Tagore

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68 responses to “Wake Up With #Colgate360GoldMornings

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  2. Mornings promise so much but sometimes it is easy to forget as we are grumpy from lack of sleep or whatever else may be in our heads. I shall consider my mornings more carefully now, as opposed to the breakneck rush that they normally are.

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  3. I sometimes watch my iPad when brushing my teeth, but at other times I like to just mull things over. I actually find it quite a productive time for coming up and noting down new writing ideas. Of course, there’s danger in trying to do two things at once like this. It’s difficult to take notes with a toothbrush and even harder to brush my teeth with a disposable pen.


  4. So well said, Love this gold mornings post, Maniparna! I like to think of things I can do for the day in the early morning. Maybe, that’s why I’m a morning person. 🙂

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  5. Maniparna : the light of feb & march is the best in the year. It’s really give us a feeling of new year. I think that year should start in late feb early march. ciaociao by Rinaldo.


  6. I enjoyed your grandfather’s perspective of not dwelling on the day before and what you may have not completed. Wash the day away or “wipe the chalkboard (ir slste) clean. Great advice. I like your special and natural setting where you may dip coffee, Maniparna. ♡ xo


      • We cannot be the perfect way, since we are only human. I do dwell on things too much and worry a lot about my family and especially my Mom. Take care and hugs to you, dear friend! I look forward to another mystery. The one you wrote with the detective was so wonderful! 🙂


  7. As you said, mornings (days) wasted are mornings(days) lost. We won’t get them back.

    My father used to switch off the fan in the morning to wake me up. Bad soul (lol) 😥 That too at early 9 am in the morning 😛 😛


  8. A complete inspirational package wrapped in a beautiful silk ribbon. Like your description of morning and the thoughts you associate with it. The concept of golden morning and the philosophical last para with Tagore’s quote is my fav part. 🙂


  9. I can understand how difficult it is to be creative and spellbinding in a promotional post, but you nailed it once again! Your grandpa was so right! Each dawn rises on the dead stones of the previous nights and should be begun afresh. It was beautiful! And, I’m not referring only to the Colgate Gold Morning Package.

    The beginning of the Navagrah Stotra, worshipping the Rising Sun, which you used to open the post with is awesome. It was one of the many stotras, which my grandfather drummed into me at an early age. I never was a morning person, but the early morning is indeed my favorite. Ever try reciting this shlok while the orange fireball is peeking through the east… it’s exhilarating! ‘Tamorim sarva paapaghnam, pranatosmi Diwakaram!’

    Well! As for myself, I was more of a late night guy and loved the second shlok praising the mild moon for its sheer beauty as compared to the raw power of the Surya: ‘Dadhishankham tushaaraabham ksheerodarnav saanibham, namamim shashinam-somam, shambormukut bhooshanam.’ Never was much of a religious guy! 😀


    • Yes, you are right, it’s pretty difficult 😛

      I’m not a morning person either, I hope you have understood that by now, considering the time at which I comment on other blogs or publish posts on my own. 😀 But, yes, sometimes, I wake up early, only to witness that golden ball, rising upwards, slowly and confidently…
      I’ve forgotten the full stotra, frankly.. only a few lines…they are hard to forget, ingrained in my genes, perhaps..

      Yes, I’m a night person. I find the darkness supportive to creativity… and neither I’m too much religious..I maintain a so-so attitude…. 😛 That again has come from my father, who is an atheist…

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  10. Mani. Again promotion. I think u do better than srk. 😉 but yeah..honestly.. u r incredible.
    I like what ur grandpa said. We should get up with new conviction and thoughts each day. Thanks for that 😉


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