The Management School With A Difference

Last Sunday, I went to a small social gathering in my locality, some 40/50 people from the neighbourhood, a nice evening spent. We discussed everything, from politics to polygamy, food to fashion, schooling and education. There were few people whose children have left schools/colleges already and have joined several courses for higher studies. One of the parents said to have admitted his son to SP Jain School of Global Management. Several other names popped out as the outcome of the discussion, but I remember that particular name as I didn’t know much about it.

Returning home, I thought of doing a tad bit research on it. Though my kid still has a long way to go before joining a B-school, (and, I’m not sure at all whether he would) but I want to keep myself updated.

The research showed some outstanding facts about SP Jain School of Global Management and, I’m just going to share them with my readers as I think this is the one of its kinds. The main centre of SP Jain is in Australia with branches in Mumbai, Singapore and Dubai along with Sydney. The school offers undergraduate and graduate/postgraduate business courses.

Since its inception in 2004, the school is relentlessly trying to come up with the best curriculum and alumni placement and, has been ranked among the world’s top schools for the last 5 years. In 2015, the School has been ranked #10 in the Best International Business School by Forbes for its one-year MBA programme. In 2013 – 14, it was ranked in the Top 20 Best International Business Schools by Forbes. Undoubtedly, it’s a great honour for such a young organisation.

The success story of the school lies in its innovative education model. I’m really impressed by their Tri-City model. According to this unique Tri-City model, any student admitted for the Master of Global Business course should split the duration of their academic study between the three campuses of Singapore, Sydney and Dubai. It goes without saying such global exposure provides the students with an edge over others in respect of experience, work-culture and academics.

Moreover, blended learning, that is, an integration of online and traditional face-to-face classroom activities in a planned and pedagogical manner, is providing a wholesome education here.

SP Jain School of Global Management is accredited by Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA), Australia’s independent national regulator of the higher education sector, that provides the School with the degree-conferring right. It is also licensed by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), Government of Dubai.

If you’re looking for reputed Management School for your children, SP Jain could be the ultimate destination.

37 responses to “The Management School With A Difference

  1. I know this School when I had a brief encounter for my interview, though I didn’t join the course then…but I loved the way they conducted the written test and the group discussion and the personal interview, it was well organized, they took good care of us and it was a lovely campus…

    Yes, it is this international exposure that makes huge difference in one’s outlook and also it is the constant drive for innovation that they have embedded in their campus with the innovation center sets it apart as far as exploring the new boundaries and frontiers of management knowledge…

    Always a good idea to keep a tab of things happening around us and areas we may need to know not now but for our future need…


    • Oh…then you have a first-hand experience and your words justify their claims. The concept of comprising three cities during the course, is quite innovative and definitely helps the students to perform better in the future. 🙂

      Thanks a lot for sharing your experience with us, Nihar, much appreciated… 🙂

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      • Yes Maniparna, these days and age, exposure matters and having the international exposure makes lot of difference…the idea of management study is to broaden our thinking…they know the pulse.
        Always a pleasure.


  2. It is great that you are thinking about education for your kid already 🙂 Never too early. That sounds like a great educational institution offering a well-rounded education, and they even offer students the chance to study in different cities. Different people have different ways of learning, and it seems that the school seeks to accomodate that 🙂

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  3. Oh yes, SP Jain does have a good reputation and is also famous for allowing students to spend one term in a foreign land to get a global exposure. I remember going through many such schools when long back I had some idea about Management 🙂

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  4. Hi Maniparna,
    Yes absolutely SP Jain is one of the best management schools in India. Several of my friends have completed their management course from SP Jain and they are all well placed in some of the big companies in India and outside as well.
    Thanks for the review. We all love your reviews whether its about a product or educational institution, you bring that personal touch to all your reviews.
    Keep Writing..

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    • Nice.. it’s great that you know people doing great in the industry after completing management courses from SP Jain…that even confirms what they preach, they practice… 🙂

      Thank you for the good words, friends like you always have encouraged me… 🙂

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  5. That sounds familiar to me, another Indian blogger mentioned it but with little time and strangely lacking curiosity I never got to finding out about it. Consider me informed! Education is great and it is refreshing to see such care being taken over it.

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  6. One of my students did go on to get a mgt degree from sp and he has given a good feedback on the same. I understand the placements are good.
    It is nice to read a good review on a B school.

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  7. I have a friend who did his MBA from SP Jain. I believe that college is owned by Times of India group, I remember him quoting. I strongly believe that they do a better job in their management school unlike their newspaper.

    Anyways, you have a plan set for your son already, ehh 😛

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  8. I’m the wrong person to comment on a B school, as don’t know much about them, but I love the way you apply a personal touch to any review or analysis. It creates a bond between the reader and cleanses it of the clinical and analytical feeling, which causes people like me to tremble after reading the opening lines. It’s like a sugarcoated pill. Kha bhi lete hain aur zayaka bhi kharab nahi hota. It was the same in your Kolkata Book Fair post.

    I’m going to copy this trait. Moon always was the thief. 🙂

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    • ” It’s like a sugarcoated pill. Kha bhi lete hain aur zayaka bhi kharab nahi hota.”- hehe…. precisely said 😀

      Thank you for reading the posts, that makes my endeavour successful… 🙂

      Feel bindaas to copy… 😛 That would be an honour… 🙂


  9. Nice one Maniparna, it is a good school no doubt. I have a friend who finished his course there and was quite impressed with it. He is in a well placed job now and has some really good words about the MBA 🙂

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  10. I’m very impressed how seriously you are taking your children’s education. Here children go to a school in a certain district from a certain area. The only exception to that is a private school which costs a lot of money. Thank you for making sure your children get the best education!!! ❤

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  11. Hi Maniparna 🙂
    This is very useful post about education. To those who are seeking a valuable education for their children, with a friendly and trendy environment, am sure this post definitely helps them. Thank you for sharing :))

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