Flowers: Other Name for Optimism

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They are not afraid as seasons change
Seeds of hopes deep within
The winged daughters of earth
Their smile beckons me to happiness.
Redolent love soars higher 
Waving to the sky
Swaying with grace, dancing as they are
With the beats of wind.

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Mother Nature’s purest form
They grow, they wilt, they spread
Eternal sojourner
Whenever a flower sleeps
A hope is born.

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89 responses to “Flowers: Other Name for Optimism

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  2. This is amazing…
    It’s absolutely true…. Flowers do symbolizes optimism and the relevance of being patience !!! Patience for the perfect time !!

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  3. Flowers and birds lift my spirits, Maniparna. ♡ Your use of “sojourner” is so appropriate how flower seeds travel across air and space, on bodies of animals, bees and bugs. Through seeds lifting up and flying along wind currents. Lovely! 🙂


    • So true, Robin, Mother Nature has so many beauties to lift our spirits, to make us feel happy for just the reason we are living on this beautiful planet. She can make us forget all the worries, she has such power.
      Thanks a lot for your comment, glad to know you liked my choice of words… 🙂


  4. Your flowers are awesome and definitely a sign of optimism. They bud and bloom and even after they die leave us with such a beautiful feeling on the inside. Thanks for sharing, and never ever give up your optimism in life 🙂

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  5. We keep looking at nature to nurture our thoughts, the best source of creativity is the mother nature…you have brilliantly captured that very essence through the beauty of flowers, indeed flowers are just not flowers, these flowers are epitome of hope and these flowers are window to the artistic hand of mother nature that uses its golden touch to brush, to create its own art on the canvas of green cover…
    I liked the very idea of seeds of hope deep within…
    Thanks so much Maniparna for sharing such an awe-inspiring thought on nature and nurturing the creativity in nature..

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    • You’ve wonderfully encapsulated my thoughts in your comment. Nature herself is an inexhaustible inspiration, it changes its colours and flavours every moment, making the same canvas looking different. Even the best artist cannot concoct such a myriad of hues… 🙂
      Thanks to you too for sharing your thoughts, always feels nice… 🙂


  6. I agree, this is absolutely mesmerizing. How beautifully you have described the flowers dancing with the sway of winds, growing, wilting, spreading hope and love. The pictures are going perfectly with your words. Loved the poem Maniparna. 🙂

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  7. Sometimes I’m simply amazed at the way I think like you!

    As a child, whenever I used to see a dried grassy clump in summer, I used to fantasize that some naughty and sad son of any minor god was walking by and saw this beautiful world. In his jealousy, he cursed the beauty to oblivion and the world died. The flowers didn’t lose hope though, and hid their children (seeds) in an armored shield, in hope of reprieve in future. The world died.

    Later the father came to know and he cried. The tears rained in the form of an elixir on that dried clump in penance. The dead grass rotted away. The armored shields broke open and a new life burgeoned. The minor god smiled.

    It was very long after that I read the vedic concept of Neti Neti, which was somewhat similar to my fantasy, though at a grander scale.

    …now, if this is not the eternal optimism, spell it out for me.


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  9. I have been ill for a little over a week, today I returned and what a beautiful delight to view the lovely flowers and embrace your delightful words! Thanks for the spiritual hugs and smiles you made to come alive today!
    Hugs my sister!

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