End is Inevitable

The impalpable experience 

Etched on the wrinkled body 
Of the crooked log
Reminds me of the end, inevitable
Of everything that exists
The beauty, the song, the colour, and the light.
Like small paper boats
That start the journey, but never to return
Like the log, lying still 
Never to wake up and feel.


44 responses to “End is Inevitable

  1. Associating the inevitable outcome for the tree limb to the outcome for everything that exists is a profound statement on the nature of all aspects of temporal existence, as well as a keen observation about the relationship between the physical realm and the spiritual nature of all life. We exist temporally as beings with brains and bodies with a limited duration, while simultaneously possessing a limitless and eternal aspect as spiritual beings.

    As living beings, we recognize “the beauty, the song, the color, and the light,” as being manifestations of a much greater spiritual existence, which, unlike their temporal expressions, has no beginning and no end.

    What a lovely and concise expression you’ve given these ideas!

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      • Hehe… what has shaadi to do with duniya dekhna 😛 😛

        Well, with each day I can feel the growing older part.

        Btw, I went to FB after a long time. You are rocking there… aren’t you 😛 😛

        I was listening to one of the songs in Tamil from a Tam movie(remade in Hindi obviously, as usual), which was not in the movie. Shreya Ghoshal…. Just leaving you a link here, though I’m not sure if you will enjoy the song.

        Good night!


      • All of us proceed a bit towards mortality with each passing day. But, why not enjoy life to the fullest while we are alive? One day we will die, all of us, but for the other days, we are alive… 🙂

        I loved the wonderful rendition! Thanks for the link… 🙂 Actually, was away for the weekend and hence, the late reply…

        Chalo, Kabhi to Facebook pe aaye… 😀


  3. Penetrating depiction of the log. But it won’t end here. It will mix in the sand and will re-create itself. It ends in one form but begins in another. That is how life is. Reminded me of T. S . Eliot’s poetry.

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  4. Oh, why so sad!

    So sad, haunting and un-Maniparna like, but, beautiful nonetheless. Loved the analogies of log, with scars of time on its bark and paper boats, which do launch with huge fanfare, unaware of their un-seaworthiness.

    Haunting and beautiful as usual.

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