Lost Dreams

1-morning 032
Pangs of love, when it hurts

Dreams die. The few remain
Are portrayed in monochrome
The hues, the aromas, the tastes
All black and white….
Scattered along in vastness.
The one feeling I want to 

That I belong to someone, somewhere.
Yes, I do
Just a rainbow in between. 

Inspired by a poem by one of my best friends, Shweta, who blogs at Sunshine and Zephyr


58 responses to “Lost Dreams

  1. The few that remain is what hurt the most. The few that remain drag along the rest. The few that remain is what counts & leave the scars.
    Your poems are out of the world and why are they all sad these days Mani? 🙂

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  2. Pangs of love…that’s destiny of most affairs of heart. Probably the pain of separation and loss is what ascertains it was love; something that may not happen if one attains the object of one’s love.

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