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In the last five years, e-commerce has changed the definition of business in this country. Buying things now doesn’t mean wandering from one shop to another or mall hopping, we have another nifty ways. With just some mere clicks, we can now get all the desired details about a specific product on the internet. Initially, the process was easier as we had just a handful of shopping sites. But, with the number of sites growing thick and fast, a myriad of choices to pick from with a motley of reviews, it has become a titanic task to find out the right product at the right price. Denying the popular proverb of the more, the merrier, an overload of choices and information is likely to make a customer perplexed and dissatisfied at the end.

Exactly at this point, a site like appears with easy solutions. A site which understands your needs and solves them accordingly helping you to make a decision without wasting your precious time.


Established in 2012 as the brainchild of Mr Shiv Kumar Gupta and his IESoft Technologies, Pricejugaad acts meticulously on assisting a potential customer to make the right choice according to his need.

A few months ago I was searching for a basic smartphone for my father at a moderate price range of 5,000-7,000. Google showed me hundreds of options and, after a research of a little more than two hours, I chose one! Two hours! I mean, a precious two hours! And, I’m no exception, it’s difficult to keep on the track for anybody. So, pointing out the right product at the best price is of utmost importance.

1-opt 1 guides you through the process. If you are enthusiastic in the newest gadget release, latest mobiles and their prices, the site will instantly show you a comparative study of all the latest releases, specifications and prices. Not only that, the ‘DEAL’ section recommends the real-time deals at different reputed websites; be it a cash back on flight tickets from SpiceJet or a heavy discount on household appliances in Amazon, you will get all just at a click of the mouse. For today’s millennials, it means a big save on time and energy. Especially, in case of books, as I wish to buy a lot, I always look out for deals. I feel really ecstatic if I come up with something just shown below!


For Apple aficionados, Apple iPhone prices along with categorical comparison are handy on Pricejugaad. No more opening a dozen of sites for price comparison and other specifications, its’s just a cakewalk to buy your desired mobile at the best price in the least time.

Now, one may raise the point that there is a dozen of such price comparison websites in the market. So, what makes uniquely different from the other players?

Well, the service offered to a client reaps a 100% success when the provider meets all his needs and makes him satisfied with the deal made. not only helps you to find the right product for you but also helps you to assess you a particular product through sentimental analysis.

Sentimental analysis or opinion mining, helps the user to get the market vibe for a specific product, whether it is positive, negative or neutral. Thus, you can logically justify your buy and can decide accordingly. At Pricejugaad,  product information and analysis don’t mean just dumping the reviews and specifications and price, instead, it helps the customer to get a topic-wise sentiment analysis. There where it stands single. Sentiment analysis is done based on the positive and negative opinions coming from the users. For example, though iphone 6S is an awesome phone, but the sentiments showing in the attached picture shows quite a number of negativity (those in red) for different reasons. [click on the image to get a better view]


Price analytics is another wonderful feature offered by the site. Through extensive statistical research and using data mining algorithms, the site produces a prediction price for the products. It might happen that as you intend to buy a Samsung mobile, it predicts a fall in the price of Samsung mobiles within a week and, you might end up saving a few hundred bucks. The attached image showing the price analysis, drop graph for  Micromax Canvas A311 will give you a clear picture of the movement.


Another notable feature is Price Drop Notification where the user can set a target price for a  specific product. He will be immediately notified as soon as the product reaches his desired price! Awesome! Isn’t it?


 Besides, a thorough comparison of any two different phones will help you make your purchase the wisest one. Below is the comparison of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S. Within a few minutes, one can find out the pros and cons through the comparative study. Even if one is a novice in understanding the technicalities, the easy comparative study will help them to make the right decision. You can find such comparison with any two given models. 


Aren’t these enough reasons to consult the site before buying a mobile or while looking for a deal? All of us, even when we can afford comfortably, look out to buy good things at lower prices. It’s because a penny saved is a penny earned. Consulting sites like will definitely help you to save more, in a safer and better way.

You can also download the app.


Wish you a happy shopping. Shop more, pay less!

Watch out the short video to understand about the site in a better way.

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