We all have within.
All we need is a matchstick.
Passion, anger, grief or greed
Fire devours, without paying a heed.
Play with it, only when you know, how to douse
Don’t let it romp, untamed, in your mind, in your house.


70 responses to “Fire

  1. What you said makes perfect sense. These emotions are indeed a fire and devour indiscriminately. I’m guilty of extreme anger. Although I’ve curbed it a lot, I’m still blinded by a sudden dazzle at times.

    You summed the concept so beautifully!

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  2. Yes, these flames of anger and greed keeps hovering around us and we want to keep distance from such danger zones but as rightly said a small spark can douse everything. We need to keep our mind and heart away from such trap but yes never easy, after all we are all human beings and the weakness and the flaws are very much within us and we keep learning from such fire.
    Indeed very profound thoughts and beautifully juxtaposed with the image of flame and fire…
    Have a lovely Sunday.

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