The White Canvas



Dabbed itself in the colour of the clouds
And, the ocean drank the vastness
Performed in unison, the orchestra
Exudes colour, the tune, white.

The mind feels the rainbow
The soul devours all the hues
When in unison, love and passion
Exudes colour, the melody, white.

Uniting the all, mingling with others
Shades they form, light and dark
Reflects allΒ absorbs whole
Exudes colour, the genesis, white.

Shared with PU’s Midweek Motif~Colour

33 responses to “The White Canvas

  1. You are so prolific Mani!
    What I love about this poem is the way you have taken liberty with the words…’drank the vastness’…’orchestra of colors…
    White dominates despite the mention of rainbow! Mind blowing! I had to switch off my television to read and savor this masterpiece.
    WOW!! You are already a poet to reckon with! Stay inspired.

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  2. Tremendous spiritual depth it has! Merging of all things into singularity represented by color white. A great thought indeed and the container is too very beautiful. Loved each line of the poem. Superbly done, Maniparna πŸ™‚

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  3. this was very nice, spiritual, soulful and enticing. rminded me a little of pbshelley…’the fountains mingle with the rivers the rivers with the oceans/the winds of heaven mix forever with a sweet emotion/nothing ing this world is single all things by a law devine/into one another’s being mingle why not i with thine//see the mountains kiss high heaven and the waves clasp one another/no sister would be forgiven if it disdain its brother//.and the sunlight grasps the earth and the moonbeams kiss the sea/what is all this kissings worth if thou kiss not me’

    sorry i had to quote this one but its one i always remember when it comes to man intertwining with nature


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    • This is a wonderful piece and, indeed when it comes to Nature, Shelley and Wordsworth are the names that appear first..I love Keats’ odes also, especially Ode to Autumn.. πŸ™‚

      Thanks a ton for mentioning the poem and welcome to by blog… πŸ™‚


  4. You have described the colors related to us perfectly. It was too technical, I had to read it thrice before I could understand anything. πŸ˜› Sad that black is not there, though you have mentioned about dark.


  5. I like when people use colors with love, since I see rainbows when I am in love. I also see white as a peaceful feeling with family. Thank you so much for this, dear. You have a gift with words. Hugs, Robin


  6. Bravo! i HEAR THE MUSIC IN CONCERT, IN UNISON, WITH WHITE THE BEGINNING, BUT NOt THE ENTIRE pICTURE. In fact, white cannot be seen without contrasts.


  7. I like the idea that love and passion exude white. White actually is a mixture of all colors of the rainbow…so thus I really think that your poem is well thought out, as all colors of humanity are included and joined together. This is the way it should be…and why not possible in today’s world! I appreciate your poem and the thought behind it.


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