Haiku: Childhood


54 responses to “Haiku: Childhood

  1. Profound. As usual. Childhood memories are most precious one’s. I think I am never gonna grow up. And that sand castle in the picture reminds me of my numerous attempts to build a proper castle by my own and I always failed. But even today, I still try to build a sand castle whenever I am in the beaches.

    Very aptly written Mani. Loved it 🙂

  2. We never outgrow our childhood and revert to it in our old age. There’s a small section of life, when we act matured and behave as adults. But, when we grow old, we compare the books and decide ki bachpan me hi zyada khush the! Then we discard the veneer of maturity and begin our second childhood in old age. The same tantrums and free laughter.

    I hope, I live long enough to act as the brat I was as a child! 😀

    Very beautiful haiku and as all haiku go, exquisite and deep.

  3. Freud believed the character-structure of a person is formed during childhood. According to psychoanalysis, childhood memories are responsible for adult’s behavior.

  4. Memories of childhood are the most precious, even if there may be just a few pleasant ones but they always fill our leisure hours with an instant glow. Love that picture Mani…so symbolic of blissful times! 🙂

  5. I like the order you chose to write this haiku. Childhood is based on memories and I feel bad for some who don’t have happy ones, Maniparna. Hope you have a wonderful week. ♡

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