…And They Walked

South Park Street Cemetery, Kolkata

South Park Street Cemetery, Kolkata

Arpita was caressing her new soulmate, tenderly, cautiously. She couldn’t take her eyes off him! The curves, the strong but tender bends, the high intellect and, his power to focus even on the minutest detailing made her fall in love head over heels. She was just thinking of an outing with him when a shrill voice shattered her gossamer webs of thoughts.

– “I’ve told you all about it, what are you still looking at with such concentration? Asking you a question, repeated it three times and, yet…no response..ridiculous”! Sanjay was quite exasperated.

– “Aare, just..I am so excited to hold it, guys. Can’t even believe I really own this now! My dream gadget, my DSLR”!! 

Arpita’s happiness and joy reflected in the mellowness of her voice.

Okay, okay, you are saying this for the umpteenth time. Now, your highness, please step down on the mundane plane and, listen to Sanjay’s proposal. Sangeeta said, hiding a smile.

– “Well, Sanjay started, now every member of our group has a decent clicking device and, that, we are over enthusiastic about photography and have earned some experiences, I’m eager to go for a group photo walk”.

He stopped for a while to see the reactions on his friends’ faces. There was none yet.

To select the place, I consulted with some of my other friends, but their ideas are cliched and, thousands of amateur as well as professional photographers, have already trolled a lot on them. I want to do something unconventional. 

A subtle hint of pontification was there in his voice.

Aryan intervened, “The way you look at things, make them unconventional. A photographer should have the ‘eyes’, the ‘eyes’ not only to see the objects but to imagine them from different perspectives and angles. That’s what makes the difference.” 

-“Yes, of course. But let’s go to a place where we would have ample scope to look at objects with that “inner eyes” of yours.”.

The sarcasm was palpable, but Aryan didn’t take the bait. He remained silent.

– “I suggest a photo-walk in the city’s age-old cemetery. I think that would be a wondrous adventure as we have countless rumours about the place, it’s being inhabited by creatures who were laid there long ago…. that the ambience makes men insane an…”

No way. Payal cut him short and, said again sternly, “No way”.

“We all know about those stories, our parents would not allow us to go there and..and… why that place? Let the sleeping corpses lie”. Payal said breathlessly.

-“Are you off your rocker? Payal?” Asked Sangeeta. “You seriously believe in those craps? I think Sanjay has a brilliant idea”.

“You got my vote, dude”, Aryan said, smiling.

Arpita made a face. “Aare Payal..chill yaar..let’s go for the shenanigan”, said she with twinkling eyes.

Without uttering a single word, Payal left the room.

Everyone else knew about her tantrums and nervousness, they didn’t mind this sudden insulting exit. They knew that all Payal needed was a little persuasion and, that could be done later with ease.

That evening, it was decided that the five friends would go for a group photo walk in the cemetery next Saturday. Sanjay suggested the time to be before dusk, late afternoon to be precise. There would be ample light, not a bright, dazzling sun, but soft and supple, they could experiment with the light as well.

They were laughing while discussing Payal’s reaction.

Perhaps, Destiny was laughing at them, too, expanding its serrated sets of teeth.

(To be Continued)

Read the next part HERE


61 responses to “…And They Walked

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  2. I totally relate to Arpita’s feelings for her DSLR. Only a photographer can appreciate the feel of a powerful camera. I still remember my first decent SLR Pentax ME Super. Also, the loony idea about the graveyard was cool!

    Waiting for the second part eagerly! 🙂

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  3. Oooh right now this is going on a tangent. . But hey when they try the light and other ways can I know how.. pleaseeeeeeeee. . I have a dslr and have no idea how to use it… ☺☺☺☺

    Liked by 1 person

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