Yes Me, Lazy Me!

1-y 080

The setting sun was spreading its last hues. The firmamental brightness was losing its lustre. Just like an actor wipes out the last trace of make-up from her face, the sky was melting into nothing but the darkest blue. I knew that was soon to disappear as darkness was slowly sneaking into my room. But I was savouring the darkness, slowly the bookshelf at the far corner was passing into oblivion eaten up by its own shadow growing enormous. I could hear the cheerful shouting of the kids playing in the park below. The small park, the only green speck left in the locality, is the place to unleash childhood. The chattering of the birds mingled with that of the children, both returning to their nests.

My coffee was getting cold. I didn’t feel the urge to finish it- I wanted it to stay a little longer, the approaching evening along with the warmth of the coffee.

The whiff of sambar hit me hard, the “dosa wallah” was down there. His regular customer, the elderly Mrs. Sanyal was giving instructions. The jubilant dosa-man, I assumed, was not listeningΒ to her, I could clearly make that out, for his head was nodding not according to Mrs. Sanyal’s words, but in perfect rhythm to the sound coming from his mobile phone’s FM, lying sheepishly in a plate on his make-shift shop. Of course, the young man deserved every right to have a virtual dance session with Alia Bhatt, the song played was locha e-ulfat from 2 States.

I looked at the room again. Darkness had devoured it, entirely. The sound of conch shells from neighbouring households was officially announcing the end of the day. Almost every window was glowing, except mine. Suddenly, I felt alien to the ambience, it was like witnessing the earth from a spaceship, an entirely different world, so close yet so far away.

The house was eerily silent. My kid was off to a friend’s house to celebrate his “happy birthday”, Β and, hubby was yet to arrive. A perfect time to exhibit laziness mixed with a palpable amount of imagination, the most prominent traits in me.

A sudden flash of light almost blinded me as I tried hard to identify the source squintingΒ the eyes. Oh! It was hubby dear, seeing the darkroom and, knowing full well that I don’t have any camera for which “washing and developing” the negatives were needed, he got perplexed and just switched on all the lights!

In utter bewilderment, he asked if everything was alright.

“Oh! Yes, just an untimely Halloween”. I laughed and looked at the alien world outside.

“We will meet again”. I whispered.


73 responses to “Yes Me, Lazy Me!

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  2. Perfect !
    I felt it , savoured each emotion, each sound and sight from the only green speck to the conch-sound and the locha-e-ulfat … then experienced that alien feel and was blinded by the sudden light !
    ab kya ! Perfect πŸ˜€
    And loved it Mani as its just the right length and intensity too !!
    Bravo !

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  3. It seems like opening of a bestseller. And please don’t make a face saying, “Not again.” Please start writing

    Btw, I stuck in this song “lazy lazy lamhe” after reading the title πŸ™‚

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  4. Oh !! I too got lost in my imagination of ur words…..
    Watching the world from !! Nobody must have thought the darkness to be that way..

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  5. You turned mundane into such an interesting concept bestie…loved it to bits…i could vividly imagine the happenings as if i were silently there observing as you described each detail πŸ™‚ kudos….my bestie!!

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  6. I like how we found out some personal information from you. If this was not ficyion, I learned about your child and husband. I liked this sitting, savoring the darkness creeping in and allowing you to rest and relax. Wonderful description and emotions expressed, M. β™‘

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  7. The setting sun was spreading its last hues. The firmamental brightness was losing its lustre. Just like an actor wipes out the last trace of make-up from her face, the sky was melting into nothing but the darkest blue…..

    No reader can get unstuck from here. You certainly had me captivated.

    Best wishes

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  8. Such a lovely and detailed description! A perfect setting for a beautiful story! I could really visualize myself having a deep discussion with me. A dialogue with self. Discussing topics with my own soul, which I hesitate and am embarrassed to discuss with others…

    …and the ultimate…

    The whisper, pregnant with the promises of an encore… “We will meet again!”

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      • I don’t know what cathartic means. Seems something not good. But, talking to oneself is not bad either. I do it all the time, so researched it to check if I’m gone full cuckoo! πŸ˜€

        Then found out that all the thinkers and philosophers had this trait, aur khush ho gaya. πŸ™‚

        It improves the imagination and you always have a patient friend with you, who’s willing to listen to everything you say. πŸ™‚

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      • In fact, there’s an exercise in Zen. Keep asking yourself questions, which you don’t know answers of. When you are able to answer all the questions, you are a Buddha. Or, the enlightened one.

        I’m still struggling at childish questions. Koi lakshan nahi dikh rahe enlightenment ke! 😦


  9. “the only green speck left in the locality” this had me crying from within.

    This post of yours just explains why you are loved so much by all. I just love your writing style, your perspectives and the language. I felt like I could hear all those sounds and see all those views. I was the one in the room plunging into darkness. Beautiful Mani πŸ™‚

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      • And as usual your comments are heartwarming Mani πŸ™‚ I too hope that I can post frequently. I am suffering from a block and I am trying to overcome the same.
        I want to do more of quilling. But am unable to find the time. I will surely post if I manage to do something. πŸ™‚

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  10. You are lazy? πŸ˜› I thought you were more like someone who doesn’t stop… hehehe. Well, little did you husband know that you were in some other world πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

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