Loved, Lost

1-Puri 072

She knew the dark alleys of his heart
She knew no longer her name was etched
In ivory light.
She knew bidding adieu was like
Closing the door of her sand made castle
With an iron bolt.
So she sat and watched the waves
Counting the numbers as they come
Drowning a single memory
With each one.
And, countless they were
(but so were her chimeric dreams)Β 
Finally, she stopped, but the waves did not
Cascading wildly
In her bleeding heart!

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64 responses to “Loved, Lost

  1. Looking for some inspiration bedtime read before I end my day and I’m glad I stumbled upon this treasure! Thank you for such a well written piece.

    Just want to tell you I enjoyed it very much.


  2. Because she.”.knew the dark alleys of his heart” …because she knew him so well she could know that her name was no more etched
    In ivory light.
    Love is just a dream. Chimeric sand castles…ret ke gharonde

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  4. I really felt, what you felt through your words, its never a good thing when it happens…we learn though, that some times it is one sided, and in closing the door though it takes time…what does not kill you makes you stronger. Written beautifully and genuine even if it was because of a sad moment. It shows the realness of your heart! Hugs!

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