Haiku: Sky

1-pujooo 2015 335
sole witness, he stands
ethereal colour play


25 responses to “Haiku: Sky

  1. Very nice..
    By the way … I thought of you for a Blogger Interview Tag
    You can check out further details on my lastest post— Join only if you want or have time. Sending love and best wishes. Aquileana 💫

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  2. By seeing at the picture one questions one’s judgment whether one is seeing a photo or a painting, perhaps it is a wonderful convergence of both the photography and the painting, captured in the digital lens and painted with the brushes of imagination.

    The solitude of life, the tree standing alone and standing strong in the backdrop of unfathomable hues of sky and the ground reality of green nature, the prefect backdrop to unleash a powerful story with title like…”sole witness to the murder mystery”…
    Indeed a beautiful composition.


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