Tangled Thoughts


Life, as it keeps meandering
Through unknown roads, creeks, plains, and hills.
Downstream, Upstream
“Move on”- being the mantra.

Love, a passionate flame
Keeps blazing the soul inside, scorching desire
It speaks through the eyes
Heart having its own religion.

Nature, the caress of mother
We breathe through her, she makes us smile
Life and loveΒ entangled together
Nature keeps it going, many a mile.Β 


80 responses to “Tangled Thoughts

  1. I love how love and life are melded together at the end and the line ‘Heart having its own religion’ is a brilliant choice of phrase. I am so glad to be back in the company of talented writers.

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  2. Lovely lines Maniparna.. One has to keep moving with the flow of life. Love, an all encompassing feeling, gives a meaning to life and keeps us all going. Just like nature’s love is pure and unselfish, a life wired with such love is certainly a beautiful thought expressed nicely through the poem .

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  3. So move on is your mantra πŸ™‚ Good. Now I know how you ‘move on’ from one form of poem to other… like Haiku to Tanka and vice versa πŸ˜› πŸ˜›


  4. Wow,that is a beautiful way to look at it.Nature’s unparalleled elegance and we deeply entwined with it. Nice verses:)


  5. Life indeed reflects the nature…the various facets of nature represents different stages and aspects of life…the plains and the valleys, the different seasons…it is the nature which nurtures our life.
    The lovely picture presents the beauty of life and love.


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