Your One Stop Educational Portal

Thousands of students every year give their best to crack the top Entrance examinations of the country. You’ll get all the related news about CAT, GAT, JEE, NEED, and many more. is your one-stop educational portal aiming to provide you the best of service and information. Not only academic news, but you’ll also get to know about the oncoming college fests and events. Recently, it has been associated with IIM Indore for ‎#IRIS 2015, Management & Cultural Fest as Online Media Partner.

So, either you are an aspiring engineering/medical student eager to know about the benchmark and facilities of all the colleges in the country, or an inquisitive parent wanting to have a vivid and clear picture regarding the educational institutions/exams/fees, you’ve to visit

In order to make the portal more informative and up-to-date, they have prepared a review form and need people to fill reviews about their respective colleges. The form is a very detailed one and if filled credibly, can provide a lot of useful information to thousands of students looking to choose that particular college.

Speak your heart out about your college, be it bad or good, let others know about it so that they can take their decisions accordingly. Become a campus ambassador. Click the following link for the details.


18 responses to “ Your One Stop Educational Portal

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  2. I really think it is great when blogs open up people’s minds! You shared a great place to check out colleges and also allow comments about where people attended college. Great post, Maniparna.


  3. Great review, Maniparna! I hope it will help the potential students in finding their best study! I can imagine nowadays there are so many websites around with numerous information, such portal would definitely help!

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  4. I hope govt shuts down IIT’s and IIM’s and other professional institutions for a couple of years and get some balance in the amount of people doing engineering and MBA with the people doing other degree. It will be a shame to see professionals choosing odd jobs. I hope people realize that soon.


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