An Evening To Remember: #BergerXP Indiblogger Meet


Excitement, exhilaration, ecstasy, exultation, enthusiasm, eagerness- a wave, full of all such feelings surged my heart as soon as I visited the Indiblogger home page to see the announcement of the much expected Kolkata Meet in association with #BergerXP on 12th of September, Sunday.

Of late, a number of Indimeets have been arranged in different cities and every time I screamedΒ looking at my computer screen,”Why not in Kolkata? Whyyyy notttt?”. So, when it actually was about to happen, theΒ Berger Express Painting Indiblogger Meet, my happiness knew no bounds. I was among the first 20 bloggers to register for this coveted event.

I reached 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time at the Oberoi Grand Hotel and was elated to see some know faces from the Indiblogger crew. A few minutes later, another blogger arrived. Just one glance and I took no time getting her; “Purba?”. She too at once recognized me and we were elated to see each other. Purba is an exceptionally talented young blogger and a successful author. I reviewed one of her books, “Hidden Letters” and since then I was eager to meet her. The most striking fact about her is, other people have become a blogger first and then an author. In her case, the scenario is just the opposite, she is an author turned blogger.

(right to left) Purba, Swarnali, Panchalidi, me)

The main event started with Anoop from the Indiblogger team welcoming us. He hosted the program wonderfully and made us almost feel like dancing with a ‘hurrr hurrr’ (No, dabnagg dabangg didn’t follow). That boosted up the spirit of the meet and helped to overcome the initial hesitance.

Pic 1

It’s me πŸ˜› PC: Indiblogger

The “knowing each other” session was a colourful one (and why not when one of the organizers is a paint company Β  whoseΒ historyΒ traces back to the 18th century) as so many bloggers from different corners of the City of Joy exchanged views on blogging. It was a great experience to listen to the words of veteran and eminent bloggers like Rangan Datta, Samyabrata, Anindya and many others. I was taken aback by the talent exhibited by a few bloggers as young as only sixteen. That blogging has successfully paved its way in the minds of today’s millennials and, that they have theΒ perseverance to make it big, really made me proud as a blogger. Each blog has a story and, each story is unique. When you hear the story from the blogger himself, it surely lifts the mood.

1-indi 008


1-indi 006

After this session, Berger wonderfully presented their cutting-edge technology of Express painting, a faster, cleaner, better method to make your house a dazzling one. I came to know of some simple tools like Sander, Mixer (not the cooking one) which could surely make the painting process hassle free and easier.

The fun began when we were divided into 10 teams to perform some activities. Precisely, there were two, one was sanding a board in the shortest possible time and, the second one was painting a picture in 30 minutes, highlighting a social issue. Our team, “Calcutta Palette” finished the ‘sanding’ task in just 21 seconds! Each team had its own name, but the most innovative and naughty one was Team “Alpha Q”. Say it quickly to get the meaning, but make sure you’re alone in the room.


OUR PAINTING: THEME: FEMALE FOETICIDE (Sourav is such a talent!)


pic 4


Our team chose one of the most controversial issues of our society, female foeticide. Sourav, a talented member of our team, was bestowed the responsibility of executing the idea. He did it wonderfully and, our team was declared the winner for this event. The reminiscence of that moment of ecstasy when the name of “Calcutta Palette” was declared as the winner would be there in my mind for long. What mattered more than the winning, was the team spirit. Each member of the winning team received a Sony BluetoothΒ speaker! It was really the icing on the cake.
There were some more prizes for the best tweets and, best pictures of the day. Also, everybody received goodie bags from #BergerXP.

1-berger 004


It is said, every good thing comes to an end. And, so also the fun-filled ecstatic evening ended as we headed to the dining hall to help ourselves with dozens of scrumptious dishes. After all, eating is what makes everyone happy.

Someone asked me a few months back, “what’s the purpose of blogging?” Yes, I cited different reasons. But last Saturday, perhaps I got a few more reasons to add to my answer. Blogging is also the joy of meeting so many unknown faces and to befriend them in a span of few hours, blogging is recognizing a person by her/his blog name and even calling by that name! Blogging is meeting a group of talented people and learning from their experience and work. Blogging is making bubbles of happiness rising headily upwards. Blogging is friendship.

Thanks to Indiblogger and Berger Paints for making the evening a memorable one. #BergerXP has painted our hearts in the same impeccable way they paint houses with vivid colours.

pic 5


67 responses to “An Evening To Remember: #BergerXP Indiblogger Meet

  1. Maniparna!
    I am happy to tell you that I had submitted my blog to Indiblogger and it has been approved my link is:
    I not understanding how to go about it. Can you please throw light upon that. What is your link there.
    The dashboard and the pages are bit confusing, one guy has already followed me, but how can I respond to him, is a bit not very clear. If I can see your blog there that would be fine.
    Thanks again for all the information.


  2. Thanks Maniparna,
    I shall do try and do it.
    If that works nothing like that.
    In regard to themes, I am happy with what I am.
    The situation makes me to tell you that I did not know anything about blogging five months back. You may please read my Post –“I Write”.
    I am proud to tell you that I have developed my site on my own and have understood the development of a website.
    The Themes, Widgets, Menus etc; ofcousre it has taken a lot of my time and devotion. The knowledge I have acquired is giving me all the satisfaction.
    My daughter is a Software Engineer and I have taken her advice at times.
    Thanks so much for giving me information.
    You have not mentioned me your link to the Indiblog, please send it I shall want to meet you there also.
    Fondest Regards,


  3. What I mean to say and tell you is, can I connect my this ‘theshivasponder’ to Indiblogger , since I would not want to create another blog.
    If you say we have to create another blog I could choose and develop the theme and the blog myself. But I have seen one blog of Joshi Daneil Photography of wordpress in Indiblogger…. wait I shall give the link of that blog …. sorry I searched but it has now gone.
    I am sorry to bother you. Please ask someone about it. I think it may be possible to do that. You know how tedious and time killing it is to have another blog.
    Meanwhile you send me the link of your Indiblog.
    I need to study before I could venture upon.
    Do explore the possibilities and if that can be done you can also link your blogs instead of having two. So that you will be linked to India as well as to the whole world.
    Happy Blogging & Searching.


    • You can connect this existing blog of yours to Indiblogger. Just click on the sign-up button and you’ll be prompted to submit your blog link and other details. It’s very easy.

      I know Joshi and his blog, he is one of the ace photographers of the country.

      But I’ve no idea whether his theme can be used on your blog or not. By the way, you can change your blog theme anytime…there are hundreds of ‘free’ theme in WP. The ‘paid’ ones are no doubt better, but the free ones are not at all bad….


    • Money and politics…these two things are prevailing everywhere and polluting the environment … 😦 Even here in India these are quite common, but somehow, they are yet to enter the realm of blogging. (I’m sure they shall be here one day) …

      Thanks for dropping by Bjorn.. πŸ™‚


  4. Glad to see bloggers meet. Amazing!

    I was shocked to see my name in your post. When did I go there and took me a split second to realize that my name is as common as potholes on the national highways.

    Have a good day!


  5. That was so lovely:) the blogger meets are such a beautiful thing to attend, I have attended 2 so far and trust me to meet the bloggers,their real self, it’s so good and your words here is full of excitement, bet you have enjoyed a lot:)


  6. Hi Mani,

    I wish I could be with all of you to share the fun!! Your post is very truly dripping with exhilaration one feels at meeting well known but unknown friends and bloggers face to face! Such events inspire as well as give an impetus to creative writing.
    I too am a poet cum author turned blogger. Love your new definition of blogging. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. So true, Maniparna. I agree with each and every word that you wrote about blogging. So beautifully you have described the event. And it was super amazing to meet you in person. Had a great time πŸ˜€


  8. Maniparna !
    I was excited to know and read about the Indiblogger meet.
    Bloggers meeting face to face, and that too in India.
    I thought Blogging has not yet taken its flight’s take off in India, as I see and have friends abroad and who really blog a lot.
    It reminds me to tell you to read my Post ‘the Smile’.
    Thanks for putting this post.
    Fond Regards


    • Thanks, Shiva… πŸ™‚

      Blogging is emerging as a strong and promising platform here in India. Different brands are harnessing the power of blogging to promote their brands. I would like to request you to join Indiblogger forum if you are not there yet… πŸ™‚


      • Thanks, I had gone there, its a little different though, but can you link this wordpress blog to the Indiblog. I saw one blog of Joshi Daneil Photography there which is a wordpress blog and he is using the Triton lite theme. If that is a possibility, nothing like that,I would connect my this blog to Indiblog also.
        Thankyou once again.

        Liked by 1 person

      • You’ve to sign-up to join the community of bloggers @ Indiblogger. It’s the largest platform of bloggers in India. Sign-up and submit your blog and wait for their approval. πŸ™‚

        As far as themes are concerned. You have to choose and change your blog theme by yourself. Nobody else can do that for you unless you hire some web-developer. πŸ™‚

        Hope these help. Would be happy to see you on Indiblogger.


  9. That’s so cool meeting fellow bloggers! I have yet to meet any in person, Aside of my fiancΓ© whom I’m flying out to meet up with. Cheers again on the win! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  10. Ah! This looks like a fun filled event. Ican understand the excitement of meeting people who you know virtually through their blogs.
    You all seemed to have a gala time, and the best thing is that the event sowed the thought into your mind that –
    Blogging is making bubbles of happiness rising headily upwards. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


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