Top 10 Innovative Digital Companies in India


In this digital era, we are always on demanding instant service and solutions. With the advent and popularization of smartphones and tablets, digital marketing has become a part and parcel of life. Just try to remember how many times you have checked your mobile phone today for messages and emails? There are countless notifications in your WhatsApp or Facebook profile. It goes without saying that this new digital renaissance has placed the digital marketing companies to a higher echelon. Not only that, every company is trying to create an innovative product line along with outstanding services that impact the market. The existing “big powerhouses” are already there and, now, even the small sector organizations with less than 1000 employees are here to provide equal (if not better) services.
However, still, one needs to choose wisely from the throng of IT companies. Let’s discuss briefly the Top 10 innovative digital companies in India.

1. Accenture Digital: One of the best IT companies in India helping the Government to tap new sources of revenue with an integrated digital business and technology services that include interaction, analysis, and mobility. They believe, digital is fundamental.

2. IBM Digital: This, also has transformed and redefined the digital arena of this country, redefining the digital experience of the customers with new innovative services, both internally and externally. They help customers to transform their business models successfully and set new directions.

3. Webchutney: It is one of the top digital companies in India providing services like online advertising, SEO, and analytics and having clients like Airtel, MakeMyTrip, Boston Consulting Group and Tata Motors.

4. TO THE NEW Digital (former IntelliGrape Software Pvt. Ltd): This company has emerged as one of the most promising one providing  great business solutions in different internet products and caters a large client base of more than 300 companies.

5. Brainwork Technologies: This Delhi-based IT company provides excellent services in Finance, Retail, Information Technology, ITES, e-Commerce, Healthcare handles and have clients like Fortis, Nokia, Airtel, Hyundai and more.

6. Sapient Nitro (India): A renowned marketing and consulting company providing business, marketing and technology services to its clients. They provide digital services in retail, social, mobile, and commerce.

7. Langoor: Another upcoming digital marketing company with a creativity to attract and engage customers by simple and user-friendly digital experience. Have clientele like Wipro, Peter England, Biocon, and Tech Mahindra to name a few.

8. Interactive Avenues: A Bengaluru-based full-service digital marketing company with excellence in the fields of specializing in SEO, SEM, SMO, PPC, digital media buying, and website designing serving clients like GNIIT, American Express, Tanishq and more.

9. Alive Now:  A full-service award winning social media agency. Their forte is providing comprehensive social media marketing solutions. Some of the illustrious clients are Pepsi, Hyundai, Chevrolet, TTK Prestige and Reliance Trends.

10. BC WebWise: They offer services like media planning, search marketing, and website development. The company has served over 450 clients from all the fields like finance, media, consumer products, automobiles and more. Top clients being Microsoft, Airtel, Hero Honda to name a few.

NEW DG In the field of digital marketing, the name that has piqued my interest is TO THE NEW Digital. It is a premium digital services company that combine the power of technology, analytics, marketing and content for digital transformation. It is a team of over 600 people which includes technology evangelists, social media experts, content specialists, and creative mavericks who have transformed businesses of more than 300 companies spread across 30 countries worldwide. TO THE NEW Digital is also a strategic partner of many global companies including Google, Amazon Web Services (AWS), YouTube, DataStax, and MongoDB. It has also been placed on the list of the top 50 IT Companies of 2015. It has also been recognized in the list of  Great places to work in India. (IntelliGrape Software is the old name for To THE NEW Digital).

Performers like TO THE NEW Digital are sure to play a pivotal role in the digital transformation of India. They’ve also joined hands with the Indian Government for its “Make in India” campaign.

They never rest on their laurels thinking of the bigger competitors hence are providing services precise to individual clients. I think TO THE NEW Digital should be a part of the listing of Top innovative digital companies. Customer-centricity or having each customer at the center of the business and operating models is the mantra. India is advancing, slowly but surely.


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  1. Hi Maniparna! Thanks for the informative list! We The Brand Saloon are a Digital Marketing Agency with 8+ years of experience in this digital industry. We a proven track record of providing assortment of all digital marketing services with finesse. We wish to recommend to be added to your list of best and top digital marketing agencies India. 


  2. I have heard about only the first two, and I will not know anything more about these companies than what you have mentioned 😀 This side of mine is weak 😀


  3. Informative update on established, as well as new and upcoming players in the IT field. Customer-centricity has been the guiding mantra for some years now, and names like Webchutney, To The New Digital, appear to be spicing up to the game.

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