Micro Tales

Microfiction is quite a popular genre nowadays. The aim of this is to create an environment that speaks a lot with very few words. The reader will feel the story as soon as it ends and, there is a huge scope for imagination. Microfiction, I think, is one of the best ways which acts as a conduit between the thought waves of the author and the reader.

Here goes my first humble attempt to pen a few.




58 responses to “Micro Tales

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  2. All the three are very well written with meaningful words ! the last one is very heart touching . This is another face of this 21st so called developed century.


  3. Hi MP,

    Frankly I had not heard of the term ” Micro-fiction. But I guess in this age of Whatsapp, Twitter and increasing ‘Attention deficit syndromes’, it is a logical movement.

    Reading your excellent pieces, my thoughts veered towards a superb micro-film I saw recently. It is a suspense Bengali movie named ” Ahalya” starring Soumitra Chatterjee.




  4. I love microfiction! They hit you really hard. Specially the second one here. Sadly, though here on your blog, it’s fiction, somewhere in some part of the world, it’s probably the truth. :/


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