Silent Words

gul mohor

A pebble in the pond
and the water runs away.
A word harshly said
and the peace is broken.
Words can kill 
the heart
kiss the weakest points.
Words like a wasp
fall short
when love is there.
speaketh a volume
when souls
are entwined.

82 responses to “Silent Words

  1. Well said Maniparna.Tamil saint poet Tiruvalluvar has said, “Theeyinal Sutta Pun Ullarum Aradhe Naavinal Sutta Vadu” (Even the wound that has been caused by fire will heal within, not the scar that has been caused by a harsh tongue).
    Sriram & Krithiga

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  2. Kabir has aptly summed up the damage caused by words, small and insignificant though they may seem…

    Satsaiyaa ke dohre, jyo naavik ke teer.
    Dekhan me chhote lagein, ghaao karein gambhir.

    May be, that’s the reason I love silence. No risk, you see! 🙂

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  3. Maniparna !
    Those are the words of Silence.
    Those speak of Volumes.
    You have written it in Poetry.
    I have tried it in Prose.
    Please read my Post “Get Angry do Not get Nonsensical”.
    Read My Latest ” One Day is Over” and tell me if there is a Poet in Me.
    For this is the second one in my Blog.
    Nice week end.

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  4. Silence is better than words that sting. With perfect understanding people can communicate with each other even without uttering a single word….whereas words of praise that are said without meaning sound redundant and superfluous. Nice thoughts Maniparna in a beautiful poem and a nice picture to compliment. Have a nice day. 🙂


  5. Silent words are powerful and profound only if one is sensitive enough to feel them, to read them and hear them…just like that pebble, which can fathom the depth only when it touches the water. Short and sweet but speaks volumes!


  6. Indeed, the power of word, the hidden tranquility of nature…both speaks volume, the choice and use word is an art, in sadness it is never easy to find the right word and in joy we invariably fall short of enough words to cherish our happiness. Indeed a pebble changes the stillness of the water and water is the ultimate force of nature, and when it acquires it’s different avatar, and we have all seen the fury of nature. The brute power.
    Silence speaks louder than sound and our soul hears the silence of sound, and we experience happiness when our soul is in perfect peace.
    Lovely, lovely thoughts, beautifully presented…the choice of word to the chosen picture.

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