#famestar LIVE, A Must Watch Event

We all have talents within us, but we hesitate to exhibit it in front of others. Sometimes because we are not sure about our own potential, sometimes we lack the courage, and most of the times we couldn’t find the right platform. What if I tell you about an app that is serving as the best platform for showcasing young talents?
“If you’re young and talented, it’s like you have wings” – Haruki Murakami
#fame, India’s premium digital entertainment network has launched the first ever live video entertainment app. Through this live video app, anyone can perform and upload beams live to fans and viewers. From known celebrities to amateur entrepreneurs, the content of #fame app has a motley collection of genres including live entertainment, comedy, fashion, beauty, Bollywood, movies, journalism and more. #fame’s digital video sharing options let the performers establish connections with other social networking platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and many more.

fame 002

#fame is strategically focusing on emerging young talents to build video channels, communities, and a fanbase around them. It’s acting as the conduit between you and your way to stardom using your talent. #fame firmly believes that LIVE streaming is the next big thing and, a proper manifestation can make you a star. It’s a democratization of media, making all the world your stage. “Live Streaming Isn’t the Future – It’s NOW”, is the motto of #fame.

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#famestar LIVE event in Delhi on 30th August

As a systematic exposition of the idea of making a #famestar, #fame has arranged a learn and unlearn session in Delhi on 30th August. The main feature of the session is to show how live streaming is to revolutionize the way the world looks at your talents. Eminent personalities like Ayaz Memon (noted cricket columnist) and Raja Sen (National Award winning director) will share their experiences and insights. The #fame team will also share tips and tricks on how to make your live stream successful. Not only that, the  entire session will be broadcasted live on the #fame app from 12 PM to 3 PM.
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So, what are you waiting for? Download the #fame app now, showcase your talent making a live beam and become a #famestar. Remember, if you believe you have talent, you are meant to use it and will find the greatest happiness while doing so.
Download the app HERE.

51 responses to “#famestar LIVE, A Must Watch Event

  1. Thanks for sharing this info Maniparna. This is really good. An app for people to capture their performances sitting in their comfort zones. But I don’t know how it is different from Youtube or other video streaming services. Because whenever I want to showcase my talent or market my product to a bigger audience, I use Youtube. Simply because of their user base. Hope that Fame will find its own space in the streaming business space.

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    • Firstly, glad to see you here after a long, long time, Krishna… 🙂
      Hope everything is super at your end… 🙂

      The thing is, you can go for a live streaming here, can showcase your live performance, can schedule date/time for the same. The ‘live beam’ is viewed by the users/friends/fans who are interested in your performance. This live streaming facility is not available on YT. Moreover, it also works as a social networking site. 🙂

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      • 🙂 Its been a while since I have been to blogging world. Missed lots of new informations as well as updates about my fellow blogging friends. Good to be back now.


  2. Should check this out… you know I missed a chance last year on singing to live audience for my cousin’s marriage… so yeah requires courage and shamelessness this showcase of singing or any performence… I dabbed with some stand up commedy uploads untils I look terrible… I watch Indian Idol Junior dedicately for now…have no talent except perhapes accepting the fact… anyway… bring out your talents and age is just a number(:…being kind, happy and true is enough if not for any talent…

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  3. Very well explained dear. Even I beam live on the #fame app and love the experience to the core 🙂 And I might attend the meet as well if I remain in Delhi as I doubt, coz its falling around Rakhi :/


    • Absolutely, Vishal….earlier, during our childhood, we were often too shy even to perform in a school function. The main reason being stage fright. With such apps, today’s kids and teenagers can easily show their talents to millions of people … 🙂


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