Waves, tumultuous invasion on the golden sand
They come and go, like thoughts galore
Footprints I made, delible though I know
But the canvas of sea and sand, woven together
Will always be there. A perfect paintingΒ 
Of happiness, warmth and hope.


63 responses to “Waves

  1. Indeed “A perfect painting
    Of happiness, warmth and hope”

    There is something about a beach
    That in the heart of everyone and each
    Leaves happiness galore πŸ™‚

    Loved the way you described it Mani…


  2. Refreshing combination of words and images, Mani; thoughts come and go, leaving marks on mind’s shoreline, very much like swelling and ebbing waves, some thoughts remain as indelible etchings, while many are washed away, replaced by still surging tides of glee, or ebbing tides of sorrow.

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  3. I see footprints also in the sand. You didn’t use that in your poem :O

    Well, good to read a hopeful poem from you. A sad poem next please πŸ˜€

    Good night!


  4. This is a magical weaving of perfect choice of words and beautiful thoughts. The sand as a canvas, the waves comes and goes very much the way the thoughts that keep coming and going, our mind keeps wandering…a wonderful analogy. Yes, the combination of sea and sand, when artfully aligned, we can see the nature’s beautiful painting…an epitome of happiness and hope.
    Great one, just loved it…

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